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10 American Brands That Get Patriotic Marketing

Michael Del Gigante | July 3, 2019

As Americans prepare for the July 4th celebrations this year, patriotism is on the rise. That’s not conjecture, but fact: According to a recently released survey of 5,862 US consumers conducted by Brand Keys, the share of people who consider themselves extremely or very patriotic increased across all age groups between 2018 and 2019. For marketers, this rising tide of patriotism presents powerful opportunities to connect with consumers. However, it also presents difficulties. As the researchers note in their report: “We live in an era of political polarization, consumer tribalism, and increasingly fervent social movements…Not onl...

TikTok 101: Understanding the Rapidly Growing Social Network

Michael Del Gigante | May 7, 2019

By Michael Del Gigante As in life, the only constant with social media is change. Just as marketers were starting to feel comfortable with the current landscape, along has come a fresh, rapidly rising network: TikTok. As eMarketer recently put it: "Not since Snapchat has any app shown as much potential as TikTok to disrupt the existing social media world order." In an in-depth profile of the app—titled "How TikTok Is Rewriting the World"—The New York Times was just as effusive, stating: "TikTok will change the way your social media works—even if you're avoiding it." What's the big deal? What exactly is TikTok? How popu...

Marriott’s New Bonvoy Brand: 5 Lessons for Travel Marketers

Michael Del Gigante | April 30, 2019

By Michael Del Gigante How big of a deal is it when Marriott, the world's largest hotel operator, rebrands its loyalty program? Such a big deal that ABC created a special television advertising block during the Oscars to help the company unveil its new offering: Bonvoy. By nearly any measure—media coverage, consumer buzz, or advertising spend—the program's launch has so far been the biggest travel and hospitality story of 2019. The move is important not only because it directly impacts Marriott's 120 million loyalty members, but also because it's the perfect case study for the wider travel and hospitality industry. What can ...

Travel and Hospitality Marketing Budgets for 2019: 4 Trends to Watch

Michael Del Gigante | October 11, 2018

By Michael Del Gigante As you dive into 2019 budgeting, what trends should you be thinking about? Which approaches, platforms, and tools should be top of mind for travel and hospitality marketers? The team at MDG Advertising recently analyzed a host of recent analyst reports and industry surveys to find out. What came from that deep dive are these four key trends trends that every travel and hospitality firm should be watching closely in the year ahead: 1. The Power of Search When it comes to travel and hospitality marketing, search has become the digital workhorse. Newer channels may get more buzz, but it's search that continues to mo...

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