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Hotel Lawyer: Brand Franchise Owners Ask “What Happened to My Area of Protection?”

Jim Butler | January 31, 2019

By Jim Butler and the Global Hospitality Group® Hotel Lawyers | Authors of Hotel Lawyer on Owners' concerns with hotel brand franchise agreements — Areas of Protection or Non-competition clauses My partner Bob Braun is a senior member of our Global Hospitality Group® and has experience with many hundreds of hotel management and franchise agreements. Bob is also co-author of the Hotel Management Agreement & Franchise Agreement Handbook (3rd edition), and has first-hand experience with branding and management for every major traditional hotel brand, including a number of multi-branded properties. Tod...

Hotel Franchise Lawyer: 8 Things to Negotiate in Your Next Franchise Agreement

JMBM | February 27, 2014

For the most recent update on this topic, click here By Jim Butler and the Global Hospitality Group® Hotel Lawyers | Authors of 27 February 2014 The ascendancy of hotel franchise agreements. Branded hotel franchise agreements continue their rise to dominance in the hotel landscape. Hotel management agreements are not dead, but the advantages of having a hotel operator independent of the brand have been widely recognized and continue to propel the franchise model. (The considerations of branding and using branded (versus independent) management are discussed at length in "When should you choose a brand for your hote...

Franchise Agreements 2013 – Key Issues: What The Name Says About Your Property

The Miller Law Group, P.C. | November 8, 2013

by Mitch Miller, Miller Law Group, P.C. Introduction When acquiring a hotel, a franchise agreement is one of the most important agreements that will affect the long term success of the hotel investment. Which brand? There is no standard answer. The unique factors of your project (location, facility, competition, market dynamics, costs of operation, etc.) must be matched to the brand(s) that best satisfies the criteria. Usually, all other factors being comparable, I will recommend the brand that will deliver the best rate. If fair share of market can be realized, then the brand delivering the highest average rate will maximize both reven...

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