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Data-Driven Content: The Metrics That Matter

April 8, 2019

By Gil Christenberry, Content Team Lead at HEBS Digital DATA: CONTENT’S BEST FRIEND Not everyone realizes it, but data is content’s best friend....

Tambourine: The Most Important Metric in Hotel Marketing: What’s Your OMTM?

January 7, 2019

Determine the single most important metric by which you will be judged this coming year by management/ownership, then align your actions and energy around it....

Tambourine Shares Why We Need to Talk About Hotel Marketing Metrics

September 21, 2017

Unfortunately for hotel marketers, our industry is drowning in metrics. From “look-to-book,” to unique visitors, to sentiment scores, to...

6 Sales and Marketing Metrics Every Hotel Owner Cares About

August 20, 2014

Hotel owners and asset managers are frustrated. They no longer want to hear about "branding initiatives" or fuzzy math from their management teams… they...

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