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Excuses are For Losers: Leadership Involves Pressure and Personal Sacrifice

October 27, 2017

By James Houran, Ph.D., Keith Kefgen Behind every failed leader is an excuse. In our experience studying and working with global leadership in the...

Universal Service Rules: Leadership & Service Excellence with Bryan K. Williams

October 6, 2015

** Week 4 of 6: Universal Service Rules**   There are three main service rules that I like to discuss.  They are the Golden Rule, Platinum Rule,...

Learn Preferences: A Leadership & Service Excellence Series

September 28, 2015

** Week 3 of 6: Learn Preferences ** by Bryan K. Williams One of the simplest, yet most overlooked ways to create a memorable experience is by using guest...

WOW Somebody: A Leadership & Service Excellence Series

September 21, 2015

** Week 2 of 6: WOW Somebody ** by Bryan K. Williams Wowing your customers is just another way of saying, ‘exceed your customers expectations’,...

Leadership & Service Excellence Series with Bryan K. Williams

September 14, 2015

** Week 1 of 6: Be Consistent ** For many people, excellent customer service can be summed up in one word: Consistency. Consistency means repeatable. You...

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