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What Time Is The 3 PM Parade? (Should your hotel have some Mickey Mouse® in it?)

May 9, 2016

By Kirby D. Payne and Victoria 'Vicki' S Richman, May 9, 2016 Vicki Richman attended Disney Institute. We have incorporated much of what she learned...

Seven Steps to Food Cost Control

February 16, 2016

By Kirby D. Payne, Feb 16, 2016 Former FSU hotel school Professor Dukas' Seven Steps to Food Cost Control from his book, "How to Operate a...

Four Key Takeaways: 2015 North America Tourism & Hospitality Investment Conference

November 17, 2015

By Heidi Nielsen, McKenna Luke, and Kirby D. Payne Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. enterprises has doubled over the past 15 years, a sign of investor...

Room Service or Is It Food Delivery?

October 26, 2015

By Kirby D. Payne, Oct 26, 2015 Room service should be more than just food delivery. This article has reminders for full service hotels and ideas for limited...

Let’s Talk About Cost Controls

March 30, 2015

A hotel manager's most important tasks are making money for the owner and maintaining the asset. Satisfied guests and motivated employees are among the tools,...

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