“Every Second Counts” – High-Tech UHF-RFID System Processes Hundreds of Uniforms Instantly and Automates Laundry Accountability for 40,000 Articles

LOS ANGELES, CA – October 22, 2014 – InvoTech Systems, Inc. announced its partnership with SLS Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip’s newest resort. InvoTech Systems, Inc.. increases profitability for clients. It is a leading provider of software management and control systems for uniforms and linens, and for laundry and security operations. Click here for more information on InvoTech’s Linen, Uniform, and Laundry Systems.

“I cannot imagine manually processing the tens of thousands of uniforms needed for day to day operations without InvoTech’s UHF-RFID Uniform System,” says SLS Las Vegas Wardrobe Manager Joel Leano. “We opened August 2014 with nearly 3,000 uniformed staff and utilized InvoTech’s system to individually track and manage all 40,000 uniform items.”

InvoTech system manages million-dollar uniform inventory

The staff at the 1,600-room SLS Las Vegas operates a 60,000 sq. ft. casino, two sweeping poolside lounges, a trio of premier nightclubs, and an exceptional collection of acclaimed restaurants. In total, the resort’s uniform inventory is valued at over a million dollars.

“InvoTech helped us save a huge amount of time by automating the uniform inventory process,” Leano said. “We scanned our 40,000 RFID-chipped items into our database in batches and assigned them to staff with integrated Electronic Signature Capture. It was a smooth process with UHF-RFID tags and readers.”

‘If we eliminate just 1% of losses a month, the system saves us $10,000’

SLS Las Vegas uses InvoTech’s RFID Table-Top Uniform Processing Stations with Signature Capture and automated Uniform Pick-Up Stations to streamline the uniform assignment and pick-up transactions of freshly laundered uniforms to staff. To simplify operations, employees return soiled garments by dropping them in a laundry chute equipped with InvoTech’s RFID technology to automatically record uniforms returned by employees. The Drop-Chute Reader instantly registers that garments are back in the property’s possession.

InvoTech reduces labor, increases employee accountability

“With the volume we handle, every second counts,” said Leano. “Staff uniform pick-up is recorded automatically and the Signature Pad acknowledges staff receipt. Attendants pass clean uniforms over the counter equipped with InvoTech’s RFID Table-Top Reading Station, which instantly tracks their assignment to the correct staff member. InvoTech reduces labor expenses associated with manual garment handling and increases employee accountability with automated uniform tracking.”

With its large high-value uniform inventory, eliminating losses is a top priority at SLS Las Vegas. “We use UHF-RFID Portable Handheld Readers with InvoTech Mobile Software to count and record hundreds of uniforms in our storerooms, on racks, and in boxes without hand sorting,” Leano said. “We also run a ‘delinquent report’ in the InvoTech System that identifies what the laundry has not returned. Accurately tracking uniforms to and from our laundry and reducing losses saves money. If we eliminate just 1% of losses a month, the system saves us $10,000.”

InvoTech clients include MGM Resorts International, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt Hotels, Marriott, Hilton Hotels, Loews Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Universal Studios Florida, Madison Square Garden, MSR-FSR Laundry, Empire State Building, and other leading companies. InvoTech’s international clients include Four Seasons Macau; Grand Venetian Macau Resort Hotel; MGM Grand Macau; Hyatt Shanghai, China; Burswood Entertainment Complex, Australia; Sheraton Seoul, Korea; Resorts World Sentosa Singapore; and Palace Resorts, Mexico.