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RateGain's continuous efforts in providing leading hospitality technology solutions for seamless electronic distribution, revenue management decision support and brand engagement for customers around the world are given additional momentum with the company's participation in Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG).

RateGain participates in HTNG's Product Distribution Workgroup which continues to develop and enhance the specifications used across the hospitality distribution space. RateGain is committed to using several HTNG specifications as part of RezGain, the online distribution channel management tool, which provides its users with advanced XML-based two-way integration for update and control of:

RezGain is built around an open XML-based integration platform which uses a web services framework to provide the technology edge which enables RezGain to integrate quickly and easily with other distribution systems.

"We are really pleased to be an active participant in HTNG. Using industry standards enables us to achieve better and faster solution delivery for our hotel customers and channel partners. We will continue to contribute to HTNG and other industry groups which are taking technology to the next level", said Vishal Jain, Chief Product Officer, RateGain.

RateGain also participates in the Connectivity Working Group of the Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA) which is defining a framework to permit the efficient exchange of rich, detailed and timely hotel shopping results while maintaining a high level of accuracy for the consumer.

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About RateGain

RateGain is a leader in hospitality technology solutions for seamless electronic distribution (channel management), revenue management decision support and brand engagement (reputation to revenue conversion) helping customers around the world to streamline their operations and sales. Since its inception in 2004, RateGain's expertise in innovating solutions for the dynamic hospitality ecosystem has resulted in continuous growth and an established position as a thought-leader and trendsetter in the marketplace. For more information, visit

Contact: RateGain / +91 120 490 7950

About Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG)

The premier technology solutions association in the hospitality industry, HTNG is a self-funded, non-profit organization with members from hotel and hospitality companies, technology vendors to hospitality, and other industry members including consultants, media, and academic experts. HTNG's members participate in focused workgroups to bring to market open solution sets addressing specific business problems. HTNG fosters the selection and adoption of existing open standards. Where necessary, it also develops new open standards to meet the needs of the global hospitality industry.

Membership in HTNG is open to hotel and hospitality companies, technology vendors to hospitality, consultants, academics, press and others. Currently, more than 400 corporate and individual members from across this spectrum, including most of the world's leading hotel companies and technology vendors, are active HTNG participants. HTNG's hotelier members represent more than 4.3 million guest rooms worldwide. Workgroup proceedings, drafts, and specifications are published for all HTNG members as soon as they are created, encouraging rapid and broad adoption. Specifications are released to the public domain as they are ratified by the workgroup. For more information, visit


HEDNA is a not-for-profit trade association whose worldwide membership includes executives and managers from the most influential companies in the hotel distribution industry. Founded in 1991, HEDNA's activities are intended to stimulate the booking of hotel rooms through the use of Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), the Internet and other electronic means.

HEDNA brings all segments of the hotel industry together to evolve systems and services into electronic distribution that is easy and efficient.

HEDNA's administration is handled by the Kellen Company. The Kellen Company provides association services for more than 100 national, international and state organizations. Kellen Company directly serves 40,000 professionals working for more than 10,000 companies and other organizations around the globe. For more information, visit

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