Technology Update - ASP Solutions: Latest Benefits
and Lower Costs Without the IT Headaches
May 5, 2004 - With information technology costs continuing to rise, many independent properties are considering web based alternatives for their mission critical PMS solutions.  In a web based model, the system is hosted by a qualified party, in some cases the actual PMS vendor themselves, and access is provided simply depending on the vendor, in most cases, without the complexity of additional communication layers or transaction fees over the Internet.  This approach appeals to the cost sensitive and IT challenged independent property and, for these reasons, there is a growing acceptance of this methodology at the chain level as well.  What has changed is the fact that in addition to the benefits of  lower hardware and associated IT costs associated with web based PMS deployment, many of today's web based PMS systems are capable of providing chain organizations with a painless way of streamlining operations that facilitates their more complex structure of ownership and member requirements.

The web solution at the independent property level is a very simple one. For a small monthly hosting fee, the hotel, at all staff contact points, will have access to their PMS system and their data over the Internet.  These web based systems, ultra thin at the client level, are reliable, secure and lightening fast.

Ramesys, a leading provider of PMS Solutions to the industry, has seen a strong growth in web based PMS deployment.

According to Rick Kennedy, CEO of Ramesys, "The maturity of the Internet, the reliability of high speed Internet access and the development of our own ultra thin client are all factors that have lead to the trend of our customers choosing web based implementations of our PMS solutions over the traditional local server implementation approach. Using today's readily available technology, we have decreased the traditional IT burden and cost to our customers tremendously and allowed them to refocus themselves on exactly what they have always wanted to do, the management of their own businesses."

The flexibility required of web based PMS solutions increases at the chain level with the degree of centralization and data sharing varying greatly even within the organization itself. Web based systems must be flexible enough to manage data according to varying ownership structures and legacy systems already in place.  How data is shared or secured becomes an even greater issue at the corporate level and web based solutions and the vendors who provide them must be flexible enough to manage all scenarios.

The simplest of chain deployment scenarios occurs when each member hotel within an organization requires a new PMS or Enterprise solution at exactly the same time and each member property has the same ownership. All data is shared across the enterprise with a single guest profile regardless of reservation origin. However, in many corporate situations, this is obviously not the case, and web based PMS solutions must be capable of following the "Rules" of data sharing and configuration for each individual member. 

Faced with the additional challenges of upgrading many different property based systems many organizations have chose the web based Entirety Enterprise Solution from Ramesys as the cornerstone for its new technology initiatives.

Hansji Hotels, a small corporate chain in California with both corporately owned franchised and independent hotel properties, chose the web based Entirety solution from Ramesys to manage their PMS requirements at the independent properties and the Entirety C/Web Res module to cross sell across their entire portfolio.

"With several projects under construction and in the pipeline, it was important for us to find a cost-effective solution that would help us - not hinder us - during the growth of our company. As a web based solution, Entirety was one of the most powerful, reasonably priced solutions on the market flexible enough to manager our complex requirements," said Fred Brown, Director of Operations for Hansji Hotels.

Similarly, GL Resorts (Key West, FL) purchased the web based Entirety Enterprise System to fulfill their PMS requirements at two of their properties and their Web Res requirements to offer 100% of their available rooms over the Internet. Additionally, GL Resorts wanted a virtual central reservations office where staff could be located literally anywhere - either at home or at a hotel and selling rooms at all properties.

Richard Farrell, CEO of GL Resorts, said, "We reviewed several IT solutions but Ramesys really stood out as the most appropriate for our business.  We wanted a partner that offered a completely integrated and truly enterprise set of modules.  We also demanded flexibility, and felt most comfortable with Ramesys' approach."

To sum up, web based PMS/Enterprise solutions are growing in popularity at both the chain and independent level.  These solutions deliver tremendous business value in the form of increased simplicity and reduced IT costs.  To be effective at the chain level, the web services model must be flexible enough to operate within a complex ownership environment and create operational agility by combining legacy applications and building a more open, configurable "Rules" based infrastructure.

Ramesys focuses on providing high-quality software applications to the hospitality industry.  Their product range includes property management and central reservation systems, data warehouses, PBX telephone systems, voice mail, and call accounting.  Delivering solutions to the hotel industry for over 20 years, Ramesys has systems installed in over 4,000 hotels worldwide.  Contact them at 800 RAMESYS alternatively visit them on the web at www.us.ramesys.com

Ramesys Hospitality
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  South Plainfield, New Jersey 07080

  Tel:  908 941 1300
  Fax: 908 941 1312

E-mail: enquiry@us.ramesys.com
Web: www.us.ramesys.com

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