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Key to Success: Training + Follow-Up

by Harry Nobles, June 2000

A training program is only as good as its follow-up.  An effective follow-up phase includes several things:  

  1. getting feedback from trainees;  
  2. assessing  the results; 
  3. reinforcing key points; 
  4. making on the spot corrections, and 
  5. determining what retraining is needed.
Follow-up is essential in all training situations; I believe it is even more so if you use an outside trainer.  An outside trainer or consultant can provide the special expertise and experience needed to help develop your training program  and get it off to a great start.  But that is only a start, and often produces only short term results.   Long term success will depend on  the ongoing involvement of your in-house managers and supervisors.
A recent experience with a hotel client is an excellent example.  Working with department heads, managers, and supervisors, we first established precise guest service standards and introduced them to the staff in one-on-one training sessions.  

Once the staff knew exactly what was expected of them,  we implemented in-house follow-up and reinforcement training combined with a regular “shopping” program and careful tracking of guest comments.  The results have been very rewarding.   Over a period of several months, guest satisfaction scores have increased significantly, and the consistency of service delivery has been conspicuous. 

I suggest that you make follow-up an integral part of any training you conduct.  The program should begin immediately,  be continuous, and most definitely include your management team.  


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