Specializing in:
  • Mystery shopping and anonymous service evaluations
  • Advice on AAA/MOBIL ratings, policies, procedures, and criteria
  • Complete design consultation “From Idea to Installation”

About Harry Nobles

Harry Nobles formerly worked for the American Automobile Association (AAA) as a Field Representative inspecting and rating hotels and restaurants.  He was later promoted to Supervisor of Inspections at AAA Headquarters with overall responsibility for  lodging and dining ratings throughout North America.  While in this position, he participated in the development and implementation of the AAA Diamond Ratings Guidelines; a revised version  is currently used by AAA. 

Since his retirement from AAA, Mr. Nobles has consulted with several leading hotels and management companies with special focus on improving guest services and maximizing guest satisfaction.  He is often able to advise and assist his clients in earning and retaining optimum AAA and MOBIL ratings. 

Mr. Nobles is also a Special Training Consultant for the Educational Institute, American Hotel & Motel Association.   His knowledge of AAA and MOBIL ratings policies and procedures,  expertise in all aspects of guest service,  and the affiliation with the Educational Institute enable him to establish and conduct evaluation and training programs tailored specifically to his clients’ unique needs and goals. 

Mr. Nobles currently advises clients throughout the United States and several foreign countries. References are available on request.

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Harry Nobles 
Hospitality Consulting
"I'll always tell you what you need
to know, not what you want to hear."
E-mail:  hospsvc001@aol.com

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