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Women in C-Suite: Navigating Invisible Obstacles

Juliette Boone | December 5, 2019

By: Juliette Boone, Boulder “Rather than a glass ceiling, many female executives are forced to navigate an invisible obstacle course of workplace and professional barriers to advance in the industry.” In 2013, some colleagues and I published a research study in the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly concerning the lack of advancement of women into the C-Suite in the hospitality industry. Our work was borne out of a curiosity about the reported career obstacles that modern female executives faced. In the present era of “Me Too,” it seems appropriate to revisit that research to shine a light again upon the issues that might hold women ...

Diversity in Leadership Is Profitable

Frances Kiradjian | May 24, 2018

By Frances Kiradjian Many of you know my passions include helping the underdogs of the hospitality industry. Before the formation of BLLA, the list of underdogs included boutique hotels, and once upon a time, women. Women have made leaps and bounds as a demographic in every single industry in existence. Hospitality is no exception. While only 32 of the Fortune 500 CEOs in 2017 were women, this is an increase from the 21 women who were included the year before. While not an impressive ratio it does show the forward movement of women in the business sector I have long been a champion of. At our annual Executive Women's Conference this pas...

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