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Waterparks: Growth Trends in 2019

David J. Sangree | April 15, 2019

Diving Into Waterpark Growth Trends in 2019: 2019 will bring growth to the U.S. & Canadian markets as waterparks continue to evolve their attraction mix. By David J. Sangree, MAI, CPA, ISHC For the ever-growing waterpark industry, 2019 will be another year for robust growth as over $1 billion in investment is slated for indoor and outdoor waterparks and their related resorts. We project 21 municipal and private outdoor waterparks will open and three resorts will add or expand outdoor waterparks. The indoor segment will total 629,200 square feet of new waterpark space in 12 properties. Three of this year's most anticipated and exp...

2018 Waterpark Forecast: Expansion

David J. Sangree | April 10, 2018

By David J. Sangree, MAI, CPA, ISHC Introduction The waterpark industry continues to expand in North America, with more than $1 billion in new investment in indoor and outdoor waterparks and their related resorts in 2018. Nearly 60 expansions and new facilities will open in 2018. We project 14 municipal and eight private outdoor waterparks will open, outpacing 2017's nine municipal and four private outdoor additions. We foresee increased growth in the indoor segment, where an additional 464,000 square feet of waterpark space is planned. Two of this year's most anticipated new waterparks are the SoundWaves Waterpark at Gaylord Opryland R...

9 Hotel Waterpark Resorts Coming to Colorado

Jeff Coy | May 10, 2016

Three are under construction, 3 in development and 3 in planning By Jeff Coy, ISHC, May 10, 2016 Water is a precious resource. We drink it to hydrate our bodies. We irrigate our farms with it to grow food. We run our factories with it. We play in it for recreation. And we develop waterparks to attract tourists and vitalize our economy. In Colorado, where a lot of water originates in high country, there's even a water court and a judge to balance all these demands for water. Developers have to know a lot about water in order to get a project approved in Colorado. While Colorado may have lagged behind the national boom in indoor waterpark...

One Drop at a Time (Part Two)

Eric B. Hansen, AIA, ISHC | November 2, 2015

by Eric B. Hansen, AIA, ISHC A water consumption ratio is a metric by which we can begin to understand the actual consumption of water at recreational water attractions. As identified in part one of this series, the water consumption ratio is the number of gallons used daily as top off for a water attraction divided by the total initial fill gallons. The ratio represents the portion of the water actually consumed on a daily or monthly basis. This article profiles several outdoor waterpark attractions and analyzes their water consumption versus their water use. For purposes of our discussion, the initial fill gallons equate to the amount...

One Drop at a Time

Eric B. Hansen, AIA, ISHC | September 10, 2015

by Eric B. Hansen, AIA, ISHC "How much water does an outdoor waterpark use?" I am frequently asked that question, but the answer isn't as simple as it seems. Calculations for outdoor waterparks are heavily dependent on factors that simply don't apply to their indoor counterparts, namely those related to climate and the environment. There is no way around it – outdoor waterparks require large amounts of water. Public perception often assumes that the outdoor waterpark is constantly being refilled with a giant spigot that is tapping the community's water supply, which may be at a premium. Water use, however, is not water consumption. Fa...

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