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Why You Should Be Listening to What Your Voice Agents Are Saying Right Now to Potential Guests

Doug Kennedy | September 24, 2018

By Doug Kennedy As I often say in my conference presentations and training sessions, voice reservations is the forgotten distribution channel, at least at most hotels these days. Too many marketing and distribution execs buy-in to stereotypes such as "Millennials only book online and never want to talk with humans…" and "The only ones who still call are elderly and don't know how to work a computer..." On the surface, the numbers might even support this as web booking continue to grow while voice bookings decline. However, many of those who book online started out by first calling the hotel; others call after booking but prior to...

Cloud5 Adds Vertical Booking USA to Its Growing Roster of Contact Center Clients

Vertical Booking | March 14, 2018

Fast, seamless takeover of voice reservations for select Vertical Booking USA properties ensures guest service, increases revenue Chicago, IL (March 14, 2018) — Cloud5 Communications Contact Center, the leading provider of voice reservations and enhanced agent services exclusively for the hospitality industry, today announced that Vertical Booking USA has implemented Cloud5 Voice Reservation Services across 45 of its properties. The addition of these properties expands Cloud5's established relationship with Vertical Booking USA, making it one of the company's largest distribution and revenue management partners. Cloud5 provides hi...

How Much Does It Cost To Generate A Voice Reservations Inquiry? How Much Are You Investing In Properly Following-Up?

Doug Kennedy | March 5, 2018

By Doug Kennedy Despite that there is more information for guests to view online than ever before in the history of the lodging industry, the phones continue to ring in reservations offices and at the front desk. Simultaneously, hoteliers continue to increase direct bookings. Hardly a day goes by that I don't see another article on this topic, yet when I click on them the discussion is almost always on website bookings; rarely do I see a mention of voice as a distribution channel. If you are truly committed to increasing direct voice bookings, read on. A first step that I always do with my consulting clients and also with participants i...

Measuring and Incentivizing Front Desk and Reservations Upselling

Doug Kennedy | September 20, 2017

By Doug Kennedy Chances are that like most hoteliers this time of year you are busy formulating your financial game plan for 2018. If so, I'm pretty sure your owners or asset managers are looking for more revenue, as all owners seem to do every year. With occupancies performing well in most markets, unless you are planning to build more hotel rooms the only way to squeeze out more revenue is to increase ADR. Implementing a front desk and reservations upselling program, or improving the one already in place, can help your hotel achieve its revenue goals. Of course one component of a successful upselling program is training your frontline...

Hellooo!  If You Think Voice Reservations Channels Produce Less, They Will!

Doug Kennedy | May 7, 2015

By Doug Kennedy As my frequent readers know, I often write about the importance of voice reservations as a distribution channel, even in today's online world where we carry a computer - a.k.a. a smartphone - in our pockets. Now there is yet another survey to back up its importance. I really enjoyed reading the recent survey that was published by DKSA (D.K. Shifflet and Associates) entitled "Making Hotel Reservations; Is Mobile Living Up To The Hype?" (If you missed the survey just search online for it by name.) According to their study, while 49% of hotel bookings are made on a laptop or desktop computer, only 8% are made on a smartphon...

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