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3 Ways to Serve a Customer Even When We’re Not at Our Best

Steve DiGioia | April 16, 2019

By Steve DiGioia As I lay in bed, coughing and sneezing from a cold, dreading even going to the kitchen for a glass of water because of aches and pains from my unseen tormentor, I'm comforted knowing, "boy, I'm sure glad I don't have to go to work today". But what if I did? How would I be able to serve my customers with these rotten cold symptoms? That's the question every service provider must answer on those days when we're not at our best. Service doesn't end when we're sick or tired. It continues through snowstorms and divorces. It is shared by all who expect to be valued, not for our money but for our humanity. But humanity can be ...

I’m a Waiter, Not a Salesman!

Steve DiGioia | October 26, 2016

by Steve DiGioia Assume the sale. This is one of those phrases that is drilled into the head of any good salesperson. "They will love our product, I know they will. Just keep listing all the benefits of our product, and they will have to buy it. So, just assume that you will make the sale and ask them for their order," says the hungry sales manager boss. Well, I don't want you to be a hungry sales guy, at least not at this point. But I do want you to assume the sale. Here's what I mean. Those well-spoken-of and restaurant industry standard "two minutes or two bites" has quickly passed as you make your way to table #22. As you reach ther...

7 Guaranteed Ways to Lose a Customer

Steve DiGioia | October 21, 2016

by Steve DiGioia You failed them again. Be honest – face the facts! You worked hard for years to build a loyal customer base and now look at you. Your customers are leaving in droves. What happened? Sales are down, bills now pile up. Employee morale is low and coming to work is no longer fun. When business was good you thought it would last forever. You stopped doing the things that brought you success and took your customers for granted. You became the "bad boss"… What happened? How did you get into this position? I bet if you asked your customers why they stopped shopping with you these are the reasons they would give. 7 ...

The Dreaded Wedding Breakfast and How Not to Nickel and Dime a Customer

Steve DiGioia | April 14, 2014

by Steve DiGioia The wonderful world of weddings. You book the event and promise the "perfect wedding". The birds will sing, the flowers will bloom and the rainbow will shine in all its glorious colors. Well at least that's the plan. So the wedding night finally comes and guess what? It does indeed turn out to be the perfect wedding; rave reviews from all the guests and a packed dance floor all night. The staff does a great job; service is attentive and top notch. The kitchen cooks and presents the food so well that it should be on a magazine cover and everyone leaves at midnight as happy as a lark. A great end to the day. All you have ...

Do You Have a Failure to Communicate?

Steve DiGioia | February 27, 2014

by Steve DiGioia "I didn't know about that", "why isn't there enough staff working today to take care of this rush?", "she never said anything about it" or "why didn't they tell me to do it that way?" How many times have you heard comments like these from your staff? Do they sound familiar? And if so, why? What are you doing wrong in your business that prevents the sharing of necessary information to your team? Here are two reasons why: Changing of Policy or Procedure Did you recently change a company or departmental policy or procedure? How was this change put into action? Was it sent out in a memo? Was it told to just the departmen...

Can Seasonal Employees Still Deliver Great Customer Service?

Steve DiGioia | February 20, 2014

by Steve DiGioia Recently I was asked to teach a customer service training class for the new hires of a ski resort. The seasonal resort just completed their job fair and had their newest set of fresh-faced recruits all ready for work; they just needed to know how to deal with their customers. In preparation, I met with the resort's management to find out some information about the new hires, if there were specific topics they want covered and what their expectations were for the class. Here is what I learned: Job Fair attendees: 200 Employees Hired: 180 Positions Hired: ski lift operator, equipment rental associate, retail store cle...

The 5 Best Ways to Deal With an Upset Customer

Steve DiGioia | February 13, 2014

By Steve DiGioia Regardless of your business there will be the inevitable situation where a customer is dissatisfied with your product or service. It is something we never want to deal with but know we must. "There is a lady out front that is unhappy with her ____________" is a phrase that no manager wants to hear from their employee but it does happen. So as any good manager we rush out to greet the upset guest and find out what is the problem. But do you know the simplest and most effective way to address the situation? Are you prepared on the spot to make the situation "right" for the customer? Are you able to alleviate all their fea...

Are Your Employees Your Facebook Friends or Foes? How This Can Impact Your Hotel

Steve DiGioia | January 27, 2014

By Steve DiGioia Have you ever thought how much damage one employee can do to your business? If not, read on... I have always prided myself with having a department staffed with positive and engaged employees even though the F&B business is one with many challenges. My banquet staff is used to working long nights with quick turn-arounds to an early breakfast, that is the business. But it doesn't mean that anyone likes it. One of the new challenges faced today, that was not an issue years ago, is having to deal with the Facebook's of the world and their possible effect on your business. We all know the power that "social media" sites...

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