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How Hotels Can Compete in the Airbnb Landscape

Mia A. Mackman | October 17, 2018

By Mia A. Mackman Airbnb came on the scene in 2008, amidst corporate scandal, economic downturn and instability. Initially people were skeptical, but Airbnb has gained remarkable momentum building its platform with transparency and trust, at a time people were greatly seeking both. In the early years, Airbnb's inclusive and diverse model provided low-cost travel options with uncommon flexibility, which became an enticing alternative to the traditional big-name hotel booking systems. The social component and owner-intimacy of Airbnb also intrigued adventurous solo travelers, seeking more local and organic destination experiences. The...

Are Travelers Falling out of Love With Airbnb?

Nancy Huang | August 23, 2018

By Nancy Huang The sharing economy came with the promise of revolutionizing the way we purchase goods and services, creating a frictionless world where buyers are connected to sellers, thereby cutting out the middleman and bringing down costs to consumers. The promise came to fruition. Today, an innovative breed of startups are giving consumers more choice, control, and convenience than ever before — nowhere more so, than in the travel industry. Yet there are signs that sharing economy accommodations are losing appeal. Since launching a decade ago, Airbnb has become the undisputed poster child of an alternative form of travel. Its...

CNBC Investigates – Unwelcome Guests: Airbnb, Cities Battle Over Illegal Short-Term Rentals

May 24, 2018

By Scott Zamost | Hannah Kliot | Morgan Brennan | Samantha Kummerer| Lora Kolodny The SUV slowly approaches an apartment complex in a quiet residential section of Miami Beach, Florida. On the second floor balcony, a group is gathered. Code Compliance Officer Vijma Maharaj approaches, her body camera recording, and tells them she has bad news. The apartment they rented on Airbnb is illegal. While tourist-dense South Beach, where the major hotels are located, largely allows short-term rentals, it's a different story in large portions of the residential areas of Miami Beach, where rentals under six months and a day are banned. The eigh...

The Shared Hotel Room

May 22, 2018

by David Goldstone Airbnb and other "shared economy" businesses have raised the bar for travel providers who wish to deliver personalized, truly local experiences for guests. For hotels, the new environment means a re-think of a hotel's relationship with their guests – and in many ways, a complete redo of the foundations of the guest experience. Attention Hotel Owners: It's No Longer Your Hotel Room Today's travelers see a hotel stay as part of an immersive travel experience that begins with booking and continues through multiple engagements and touch points.[1] To satisfy them, it must be made clear, every step of the way, that i...

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