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Hotel Check-In Has Never Been Easier

TTI Scanning Solutions | May 2, 2018

DESKO and TTI Scanning Solutions provide hotel solution to speed up check-in process Upon arrival at the hotel reception desk, guests provide extensive personal data, e.g. name or date of birth, before they will be handed over the room key. Most often the agent behind the desk populates these details manually, a time-consuming and error-prone process resulting in waiting times and faulty customer information. To streamline the check-in process and avoid queues in front of the reception desk, DESKO and industry leader TTI Scanning Solutions work together to automate and speed up data collection at check-in, thereby increasing accuracy an...

WebRezPro PMS Integrates TTI Scan2PMS ID Scanning Solution

TTI Technologies | January 30, 2018

Direct integration of WebRezPro Property Management System and Scan2PMS streamlines efficiency and boosts security Calgary, AB –Jan 30, 2018 – World Web Technologies Inc. (WWT) is pleased to announce a direct interface between its WebRezPro cloud property management system (PMS) and TTI Technologies' Scan2PMS, an ID and passport scanning solution. The direct interface between WebRezPro and Scan2PMS provides increased efficiency to the modern hotelier, resulting in a higher level of customer service. TTI Technologies' scanning solution can scan over 2,500 types of international identification cards (IDs) including driver's li...

Guests Checking In With Fake ID’s is on the Rise: Provide Protection for Your Property with Scan2PMS by TTI

TTI Technologies | August 1, 2017

How Do You Know? August 1, 2017 – New York, NY – Reports of guests using fake documents is on the rise. As hospitality properties around the world seek ways to enhance security while delivering outstanding customer service, they require innovative solutions to meet their individual needs. Security regulations in many countries require hotels to check IDs. One very widely installed product is Scan2PMS. It works by scanning a guest ID; the system then populates selected fields on the guest profile of the Property Management System (PMS). Required information is automatically extracted and used to fill in registration informati...

Shore Hotel Strikes Back Against Organized Criminal Activity – A Success Story

Shore Hotel | November 3, 2016

TTI Technologies delivers Scan2PMS - Now Shore Hotel can ensure that their property provides as secure an environment as possible. November 3, 2016 – A few years back, managers of Shore Hotel and Ocean View Hotel in Santa Monica explained to us that the town recently had Organized Criminal activity come through, Shore Hotel and many other businesses in the area were defrauded of significant revenue because the group was using very good fake IDs. They asked if our Scan2PMS system could Authenticate IDs. TTI has a variety of Scan2PMS products including models that do indeed authenticate IDs and determine if they are fake. Shore Hot...

TTI Technologies Partners with Maestro Hospitality Solutions To Help Hotels Automate the Guest ID Process at Check-In

Maestro | August 19, 2016

New York, NY – August 19, 2016 – TTI Technologies, a supplier of ID/Passport Scanners, announced today that it has successfully completed integration of its Scan2PMS solution with Maestro PMS a leading supplier of enterprise integrated property management solutions for the hospitality industry, allowing its member hotels the ability to capture and accurately populate information such as guest photo, name, and address directly into the guest profile. TTI ( provides self-service solutions to hotels, resorts, and hostels that are easy to operate, require minimal staff interaction, and include design, insta...

Who Are Your Guests…The Pearl Knows!

TTI Technologies | August 5, 2016

Is your guest really your guest? Authenticate with id and passport scans… know your guest with picture recognition so you can you serve them better... Authenticate with TTI's Scan2PMS. August 5, 2016 -- New York - The hotel business is changing. According to Travel Weekly News, 6% of intended travelers have cancelled due to fear. Hotels today face the unique challenge of pre-serving Hospitality while protecting the guest. TTI Technologies understands this....and knows how to fulfill that challenge. Business and recreational travelers demand safe and secure hotel accommodations. "We know who our guests are because TTI's Scan2...

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