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Ranking Hotel REITs 2018: Dividends, Profit Margins, and Overhead

Hans Detlefsen | April 24, 2018

By Hans Detlefsen Hotel Appraisers & Advisors (HA&A) is pleased to announce our third annual ranking of hotel real estate investment trusts (REITs). HA&A currently monitors 16 hotel REITs, discussed throughout this report. Some hotel REITs are more effective than others at generating earnings and passing profits on to investors. In this year's report, we rank each of these hotel REITs according to three metrics: (1) dividend yields; (2) profit margins; and (3) overhead expenses. Our 2018 rankings are based on year-end 2017 data from each of the 16 hotel REIT companies we monitor. Hotel REITs offer some of the highest dividen...

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