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How Is Your Digital Space?

Madison Love | January 30, 2019

By Madison Love As our world moves more and more into the digital space, it's important to keep up to some degree. Knowing your clientele is key to knowing how far into the digital spectrum you need to go. Making your business at least social media friendly will keep you up-to-date with technology. Business trips and vacations revolve around cell phones and social media, so having free and easy access (and room specific) WiFi is a must. No matter who your guests/customers are, they will need to be catered to by means of a solid, fast WiFi connection. This should be something that is known and happening, so let's move past the ba...


ProSolutions | October 26, 2018

By Jana Love As we wrap up the third step in the Sales Process Series, your number one goal in sales is to gain commitment from the customer. However, The Sales Board wrote a blog on the research they found stating that, "...salespeople need dramatic improvement in achieving Sales Objectives and Gaining Commitment at each milestone of the sale." Their statistics show that 62% of salespeople fail to ask for commitment. That is a lot of potential sales heading out your door. Gaining commitment is an important element of selling. It consists of closing (checking in) at each step and making conclusions about where your customer is...


ProSolutions | October 2, 2018

By Jana Love Are you ready to explore the next significant step of building a successful sales conversation? Knowing the steps to take to move the call along professionally will positively enhance sales closure. Remember you can't force a sale, you need to earn the sale. And to do that, some homework prior to the call is required. Let's get started. Prepare and Anticipate Your Customer ~ Some customers know exactly what they want, while others will come to you to be educated on what you have that will interest them. The key to successfully dealing with both of these customers is being present and knowledgeable. As a sales pers...

What Four Things Impact First Impressions?

ProSolutions | September 20, 2018

By Katie Scheer First impressions are paramount since they are highly accurate; how you are instantly evaluated can make or break your success. And you have heard before that a first impression is made within 5 seconds, but I believe it's faster. Why? Personal experience– I get a feeling about something or a situation within 2 seconds (don't you?). The science- 20 million billion bits of information move around our brains every second, and it calculates sounds, sights, smells, taste, touch, and thoughts in every moment at the same time (from The Phenomenal Experience). This means we need to up our game and make sure that we contro...


ProSolutions | September 11, 2018

By Jana Love Let's get knee deep into the fundamentals of the Sales Process. This new blog series will take the components of the sales process a little deeper; each component gives structure to the sales process. The sales process, in the basic form, is: The Opening, Advancing the Call, and Gaining their Commitment. So let's get started... There are so many aspects to successful selling, but there is nothing more important to the beginning of a great sales experience than a polished Opening, which is why we begin there! Here are the elements of the Opening that need to be mastered: Building Rapport ~ When you begin a sales or...

5 Customer Service & Sales Steps to Success

ProSolutions | August 22, 2018

By Katie Scheer You only get out of it what you put into it. So how much effort are you putting into making sure that your customer service and sales practices are top notch? Do you have training and quality assurance measures in place? If not, you might be losing out on untapped revenue. Never fear- we have some delicious ideas for your "pudding" so you will know what to do to make sure that you are putting in what it takes to make a difference (difference= more revenue!). Having strong customer service and sales skills are your key ingredients in making sure your "pudding" is something your customers continue to wa...

Round 4: Your Customer Service Questions Answered

ProSolutions | August 3, 2018

By Katie Scheer Are you ready for the 4th in this series? Here we are covering topics of customer service efficiency, accessibility, and gaining feedback. All are imperative to your success since your customers' perspective is your business' reality. Our goal is to help ensure that your reality is one of big success, so away we go with answering your questions... 1. We live in a fast-paced world where patience is limited, so I feel pressured to deliver information to my customers as quick as possible, which sometimes results in not giving them the most thorough information. Suggestions? You are right. Customers typically want th...

Are You Really Customer Centric?

ProSolutions | July 5, 2018

By Jana Love Recently, I personally had a not even close to satisfying customer service experience at a place where they boast they deliver, "The Luxury Hotel Experience," with "Unparalleled Service." Sadly, they over promised and way under delivered. This experience (or lack there of) has left me searching for the businesses that get and deliver a Customer Centric Experience. (The sad puppy eyes tell all...) Do I start with what Customer Centric means, because I feel like there are a lot of companies out there that give this responsibility to the sales and customer service departments only, when in fact, this is the...

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