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You Want to Enhance the Guest Experience – So How Do You Know What’s Wrong With It

Pierre Boettner | June 19, 2018

By Pierre Boettner, CEO, hospitalityPulse Enhancing the guest experience seems to be on every hotel executive's mind these days. There isn't a conference where speakers from the industry aren't professing the improved guest experience to be the single most important point of their attention – and I am confident, HITEC this year will see a slew of companies, speakers, and visitors speaking of and about how to enhance their guest experience. By now, those who know me, know here's my big 'but…' to come – and it will. However, first, let me take you on a brief trip down memory lane. Remember when hotel guests had the habi...

What’s Hot at HITEC This Year

the Author | May 31, 2018

Pierre Boettner CEO and Founder hospitalityPulse The hospitality industry is constantly on the cusp of progressive, guest-centric reform — but we're seeing this push for technological change influencing this more than ever before. With the widespread emergence of intelligent solutions, mobile technology and more, hoteliers and guests alike have an exciting hospitality experience in store as we move into the future. Eager to stay ahead of those trends which will define the coming years (and big players) in the hospitality industry, hoteliers from around the world will find themselves at the upcoming HITEC conference from June 18th ...

The Hotel Technology Ecosystem – What Does the Future Hold?

Pierre Boettner, Founder and CEO, hospitalityPulse | May 24, 2018

By Pierre Boettner Often described as antiquated, hotel technology has advanced at a much slower pace when compared to other industries. However, as we observe the on-going momentum and emergence of new trends, it's become apparent that the hotel systems space is finally making strides to catch up. In fact, hospitality technology has come a long way. Following many years of trial and error, hoteliers have begun to utilize emerging tech that allows them to prioritize, and better yet, understand the modern guest in new and exciting ways. This evolution didn't happen overnight, but rather at the hands of industry experts eager to take one-...

How to Win at the Hotel Technology Innovation Game Through Symbiotic Partnerships

Pierre Boettner | April 30, 2018

By Pierre Boettner When it comes to hospitality technology, finding symbiotic technology partnerships for your product can be an advantageous way for your company and products to embrace innovation continuously. Aligning your solutions strategically with like-minded companies offering cutting-edge technology, hospitality experts can better generate ideas, streamline processes, and cultivate their product offering for eager hoteliers. In a good partnership, both partners should win, emerging from the relationship better than they were before. Of course, technology partnerships represent a dynamic, fluid relationship, and primary technolo...

There’s Hidden Money in Your Operation – and It Is Affecting Your Guest’s Satisfaction Too!

Pierre Boettner, Founder and CEO, hospitalityPulse | February 15, 2018

By Pierre Boettner CEO and Founder hospitalityPulse I remember when I started my career in the early 90's. As the Sales & Marketing Manager for an Airport Hotel in Europe, I had been tasked to figure out what this GDS business really was – High yield, and some 20% of our bookings, and we had no idea! I had just finished hacking into Fidelio's database, so we could build better reports on what our business actually was, where it was coming from, and maybe figure out how we could improve on it. With some seven years of data, even for that relatively small hotel with just under 230 rooms, the way we needed to connect to the PMS w...

Who Cares If You’re Losing a Little Money Here & There?

Pierre Boettner | December 18, 2017

By Pierre Boettner What hotel owner or GM could be blamed for sleeping a little more soundly after seeing a chart like this? Hotels are at the top of the mountain after years of clawing profits back up from the economic crash of 2009. All amidst the rising cost of doing business with OTAs and rapidly increasing supply. There's a lot to be thankful for. And there's a lot to do because we all know the way economics works, and when you're at the top of the mountain, you can either plateau or start hiking downward. Controlling costs and expenses is one of two ways hotels have of increasing profit margins, which are among the tightest of an...

The Unfinished Business of Revenue Management:  Investment Abandoned

Pierre Boettner | November 28, 2017

Pierre Boettner CEO and Founder hospitalityPulse Hotel revenue management is on the verge of something of a second renaissance; the field is propelling itself toward the notion of Total Hotel Revenue Management. It is one that revenue managers have foreseen—in fact, requested—for many years now, and the idea is that revenue management should move beyond room pricing and channel strategies, beyond Pace reports and market segment reviews, and move to identify profitability gaps and opportunities across the entire operation. In the introduction to a 2017 Cornell Hospitality Research Brief on the topic, the authors say, "While a...

The Incredible Shrinking Front Desk – An Opportunity to Manage Differently

Pierre Boettner | November 21, 2017

By Pierre Boettner The front desk was once the epicenter of the hotel, where guests did so much more than check in and check out. It was the place where they received answers to their questions, called in for a pillow or a hairdryer or a ride, ordered things up and got things sent down, and even made their next reservation. For requests that didn't "belong" there, like housekeeping or a reservation at the restaurant, the guest's only choice was to use the front desk as home base. The past several years have seen important efforts to decentralize the hotel experience, from equipping staff with tablets to allow them more...

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