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When Digital Meets Physical: What Pokémon Go Means for the Travel Industry

Nick Vivion | July 14, 2016

By Nick Vivion In our world of fragmentation and hyper-targeted micro-niches, few mainstream hits cut through. That's what makes the nearly-instant global popularity of Pokémon Go so intriguing. The mobile app uses GPS and augmented reality technology to lead users on a hunt for the digital pets. Augmented reality often elicits mixed reactions, ranging from the hopeful to the dystopian. The technology layers digital information onto physical space, using the screen as the middleman. With Pokémon Go, the smartphone camera is the eye and the GPS is the compass to hunt and trap Pokémon. "Pokémon can b...

Nimble Now: How Hotels and Airlines Are Transforming the Essence of Hospitality

Sabre | February 15, 2016

By Nick Vivion A recent Inc. guest column identified airlines and hotels as "huge industries facing death because they lack innovation." But a closer look shows that airlines and hotels have already transformed the way they do business. Hotels at all price points and amenities menu are positioning themselves as personalized service providers in direct counterpoint to the growth of the sharing economy. Meanwhile airlines continue to deliver value, choice and personalization to passengers through technology and iterative business models. The travel industry is an excellent case study on how a consistent commitment to a brand promise can d...

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