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5 Ways to Market to Your Guests With Instagram Stories

Nancy Huang | October 29, 2018

Instagram Stories is quickly becoming the go-to platform for savvy marketers. This Snapchat-like feature has seen tremendous growth since launching in 2016, with more than 400 million daily active users. Instagram Stories has a more raw and playful feel than traditional Instagram posts, allowing marketers to engage followers in a more natural way. While the stories used to disappear after 24 hours, Instagram now allows you to archive stories on your profile as highlights. That said, because stories only exist for 24 hours as a default, they're generally better at helping to build urgency around offers, thus triggering immediate response...

How 5 Hotels Compete With OTAs by Showcasing Unique Local Experiences

Nancy Huang | October 25, 2018

By Nancy Huang Today's travelers are no longer content with merely visiting a destination and have the same experience as everyone else. They increasingly yearn for something unique and want to explore the places they visit through a local perspective. This emerging need represents a huge opportunity for hotels. By creating in-depth destination guides, or by hosting their own locally-led tours, hotels can make their properties more desirable to drive more direct bookings. The following post highlights five hotels that are promoting their destinations with engaging neighborhood guides and authentic local experiences. But before diving...

How Hotels Can Take Advantage of Instagram Business Profiles

Nancy Huang | September 21, 2018

By Nancy Huang The meteoric rise of Instagram continues. Just recently, it reached an incredible one billion monthly active users for the first time in its history—up from 800 million back in September 2017. In comparison, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat all announced slowing or declining growth. The influence of Instagram in the travel space is also gaining momentum. Celebrity Instagrammers with legions of followers hold huge sway over the places that people choose to travel, and 40% of millennials admit that they consider "Instagrammability" as a crucial factor when they choose a travel destination. To maximize the potential suc...

Are Travelers Falling out of Love With Airbnb?

Nancy Huang | August 23, 2018

By Nancy Huang The sharing economy came with the promise of revolutionizing the way we purchase goods and services, creating a frictionless world where buyers are connected to sellers, thereby cutting out the middleman and bringing down costs to consumers. The promise came to fruition. Today, an innovative breed of startups are giving consumers more choice, control, and convenience than ever before — nowhere more so, than in the travel industry. Yet there are signs that sharing economy accommodations are losing appeal. Since launching a decade ago, Airbnb has become the undisputed poster child of an alternative form of travel. Its...

Revisiting Chat Apps: What Messaging Platforms Are Best for Your Hotel?

Nancy Huang | March 16, 2018

By Nancy Huang Messaging platforms are fast becoming the new way for businesses to interact with customers. When communicating with brands, 54% of US social media users say they prefer messaging platforms to email, phone, and online chat. Much of this comes down to ubiquity. Millions of people use chat apps on a daily basis to talk with friends and family. By extension, this familiarity makes them a preferred way to communicate with their favorite brands and businesses. Including hotels. From making booking queries, to ordering room service, to firing off a question about the local dining scene, chat apps offer a streamlined way for gue...

How to Encourage Guests to Write Hotel Reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google and Facebook

Nancy Huang | December 22, 2017

by Nancy Huang Online guest reviews are more important than ever. In researching hotels, potential customers are proactively seeking information about the experiences of previous guests. Reviews and star ratings on websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google, and Facebook all play an extremely important role in getting new customers to book. The more reviews available, the more trustworthy a hotel will appear. Today's traveler arrives well-informed, with a huge 95% reading online reviews before they book their accommodation. Furthermore, younger generations are more communicative than their predecessors, so building a strong online reputati...

New Hotel Booking Sites Take Advantage of Industry Loopholes

Nancy Huang | December 18, 2017

By Nancy Huang Almost seven years since HotelTonight launched its tonight-only hotel booking app, the industry has been flooded with a host of ambitious startups looking to find similar success. At the recent PhocusWright Summit, almost half of the 24 startups presenting their ideas were related to hotel booking apps. However, during a rapid 3-minute question round, potential investor Chris Hemmeter questioned the sustainability of one of the startup's business models, raising concerns that it merely took advantage of industry loopholes. In the following post, we'll look at how some newer hotel booking apps are striving to find their ow...

Boutique Hotels See Airbnb as Potential Distribution Channel

Nancy Huang | September 18, 2017

By Nancy Huang Airbnb's founder Brian Chesky recently said on Twitter that 15,000 boutique hotels have a listing on the platform since being allowed to join last November. At first glance, hotels advertising on Airbnb might seem an unlikely relationship. After all, the company is frequently claimed to represent a growing threat to the hotel industry, winning the loyalty of travelers and stealing market share. But a strong contingent of hotels see the partnership as a potentially fruitful one. There are still stringent rules about the kind of properties allowed to appear on Airbnb. For instance, a hotel has to have 25 or fewer rooms. St...

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