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Millennial Marketing Woes: SOLVED

Vertical Booking USA | July 23, 2019

By Mark Lewis-Brown, CEO & President at Vertical Booking USA As we all now know, the Millennials are the largest generation in history (92 million potential guests!) AND have an overwhelming desire to travel so they are a (potentially) hugely profitable demographic for all hotels – if they can get their bookings. As you also know (and probably struggle with on a daily basis) Millennials + the Internet has changed the travel industry significantly (especially when it comes to booking), leaving many hoteliers – especially those who haven’t jumped onboard the operational technology bandwagon - wondering: “How can I increase ...

Hoteliers, Take Note: Millennials Own Your Future

Ryan King | May 30, 2019

The first truly digital generation has the most buying power and is increasingly more vital to the labor force By Ryan King, Director of Strategic Partnerships – StayNTouch Hoteliers, we have news for you. Millennials – that group of individuals born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s – own your future. Understanding millennial consumers has become a significant discussion point across industries over the last few years. Why? Because they are the first truly digital generation with more buying power of any other demographic before them. With $600 billion in annual buying power and notably different purchase m...

How Millennial-Driven Markets Are Changing the Name of Hospitality

Kacey Bradley | January 31, 2019

By Kacey Bradley The millennial generation is large and distinctive. In fact, they are the largest living generation in America, and their influence seems to reach even farther. With defining qualities like fast-paced living, social media use, socially-conscious choices and aesthetic preferences, this generation knows what they want. The hospitality industry has started to factor in their preferences because millennials also love travel and now make up a significant percentage of hotel guests. Here are four ways the influence of millennials is changing the hospitality market. 1. Hunger for Technology As millennials have grown up with di...

Mobile Websites vs. Apps: The Final Showdown – Part One

Mike Murray | September 26, 2017

By Mike Murray As we discussed in our most recent article, "Millennials + Mobile: A Match Made in (Hotelier) Heaven," mobile is the best booking, marketing, and engagement channel available, to reach the world's largest generation – Millennials. So, if your property hasn't already gone mobile, what are you waiting for? Perhaps – as is the case with many hoteliers who haven't – you are wondering whether it is better for you to invest in a mobile website, an app, or both. Today, I'm here to tell you about the benefits and downfalls of each mobile channel; however, because there is just so much important information to co...

Millennials Want the Unique Instead of the Usual from Travel Brands

MDG Advertising | September 10, 2015

Millennials are a departure from the traditional traveler. They desire the new and novel, and crave the unexpected. They want meaningful travel experiences and demand the distinct and different. Research has shown that Millennials travel often, taking an average of five business trips each year and extending them into leisure vacations. And this audience is 23% more likely to travel abroad than their older counterparts. With Millennials in the U.S. on track to spend $1.4 trillion each year by 2020, this travel-loving market is likely to put a portion of that on travel. That's why travel brands can't afford to overlook this lucrative mar...

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