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Has Incredible India Lost Its Incredible Hotels?

Hotelivate Private Limited | June 29, 2018

by Manav Thadani During the exclusive 'owners-only' meet at the recently concluded HICSA in Mumbai, there was an interesting discussion on the type of branded hotels entering the market today across positioning. Everyone agreed that too much of the same thing is being churned out and except for the logo and the hotel name, there is really very little of the ambience and décor that sets one mainstream brand's property apart from the other – which begs the question, does standardization need to be so obvious? While I am not here to promote any brand, most owners in the room agreed that what the Andaz has done both in Delhi an...

The Business of Leisure in India

Manav Thadani | October 17, 2016

By Manav Thadani Twenty years is a long time to understand a hotel market, which is about the same time when the first HVS Asian office was set up in New Delhi. Yes, what is happening in the leisure space for hotel accommodation in India today is indeed a revelation that needs to be recognized. One of the key benefits of HVS data and knowledge base for the Indian hotel market is that we are able to slice and dice information and extract trends that deserve timely attention by the industry's stakeholders. This year we challenge an industry paradigm that has since long held us back in exploring new avenues for revenue growth – l...

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