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The Rise of Reservation Re-Sale (and Why Airbnb Is Involved)

Lily McIlwain | May 30, 2018

By Lily McIlwain A robust cancellation policy is an integral part of the revenue management strategy for many hotels. Requiring a 24- or 48-hour notice period (the latter of which is becoming increasingly common amongst large chains) or offering non-refundable rates provides a level of protection against last-minute drop-outs and guests making bookings at multiple properties for the same dates. The tactic is ever more necessary as guests increasingly demand the type of flexibility they're told to expect by online travel agents and other third-party sites. was rapped earlier this year for 'misleading' advertising ...

OTA Association Slams Direct Bookings

Lily McIlwain | May 9, 2018

By Lily McIlwain By this point, the number of studies testifying to the positive impact of direct bookings - and the sometimes harmful influence of OTAs - is approaching too many to count. Whether it's in terms of the revenue share for hotels or the experience of guests, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that booking directly through a hotel website benefits all parties involved. Therefore when we saw last week that the European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA) had released a report stating that "the major incentive for hoteliers to push direct sales is to reduce transparency for customers," we we...

Spotlight on… Wholesalers – A Hoteliers Perspective Report

Lily McIlwain | August 28, 2017

By Lily McIlwain "Continued tolerance is allowing wholesalers to cheat and win a game in which we should set the rules." That's what one hotelier had to say when we asked them about the 'Amoma problem'. We've been delving deep into the world of wholesalers and rogue rates for our latest 'Spotlight on...' report, and we've uncovered some pretty contentious issues. We'll also be hosting a webinar based on the report on September 12th - register now to join us! Go to Report Spotlight on... Wholesalers We spoke to 50 hoteliers about their experiences of being undercut by wholesale rates on OTAs like...

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