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5 Unique Experiences Hotels Can Use to Attract Guests

HEBS Digital | March 20, 2019

By: Kerryn Gower We've all been there. You finally wake up from the dreaming phase of the travel planning journey and pick on a destination to visit. Now the planning begins. We all have our go-to travel booking websites and apps, and they each present a lot of information, packages, and special offers convincing you to make a booking. Beyond just rate, hotel shoppers consider plenty of other factors, such as amenities, activities, and nearby restaurants. But these factors aren't always enough to capture the attention of a traveler long enough to secure a booking. Today's travelers expect more. They expect unique experiences every time ...

Digital Inspo: What Creative Hotels Are Doing Online

HEBS Digital | February 7, 2019

By Kerryn Gower Coming up with fresh and creative marketing initiatives is never an easy task. Hotels all over the world face fierce competition regardless of their destination. Utilizing creative ideas to attract guests can help hotels stand out in the crowd and help them to gain new and repeat visitors. Our new article series, Digital Inspo: What Creative Hotels are Doing Online, dives deep into a recent original campaign idea developed by a hotel brand. The Campaign Last year, Hyatt Hotels partnered with then up-and-coming pop star Dua Lipa. The setting for the British musician's single "New Rules" was Hyatt's new boutique hotel, The...

Your Top 10 Digital Marketing New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

HEBS Digital | January 18, 2019

By Kerryn Gower After saying goodbye to 2018, we're starting the new year with fresh priorities and goals. January is a great time for hoteliers to reflect on last year's strategies and analyze results in order to create a blueprint for a successful new year. Determining your hotel's most successful digital marketing initiatives is the first step to executing a strong plan that will achieve greater results this year than last year. With new technology and digital innovations announced daily, it can seem overwhelming for hoteliers to stay on top of trends and work them into their own strategies. With voice search and AI, omnichannel mark...

How to Use the Google Ecosystem to Get Your Hotel’s Digital Strategy on Point

HEBS Digital | May 17, 2018

By Kerryn Gower With over 4 billion searches happening every day, the Google ecosystem continues to be one of the best suites of products available for hotels to drive online users to their website, and then convert those users into guests. With ongoing optimizations and new products being released regularly, it can be easy for hoteliers to fall behind on trends and miss opportunities to get the most out of their digital strategy through the entire Google ecosystem. Below, we've outlined some of the latest developments from Google, including new products and enhancements to existing products, which can greatly impact the digital marketi...

Your Top 10 Digital Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

HEBS Digital | January 19, 2018

By Garrick Lee and Kerryn Gower As we say hello to 2018, January marks a time of resolutions and new beginnings. During this month, it's important for hoteliers to reflect on their past strategies and analyze results in order to set the framework for a successful year. Mapping out goals and determining your top digital marketing priorities are the first steps in executing a strong plan that achieves greater results than the year before. With the trend of increasing levels of supply and steadying levels of demand continuing in 2018, hoteliers need to reach potential guests at meaningful micro-moments throughout the entire travel planning...

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