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How to Respond Properly to Online Hotel Reviews

Kacey Bradley | September 16, 2019

By Kacey Bradley In today’s digitally-inclined world, online reviews are a significant part of the hotel booking process. According to one study, more than 50% of travelers don’t want to book until they read reviews — typically between six and 12. They want first-hand accounts of a stay on your property, whether good or bad. The newer the feedback, the more helpful. You can’t prevent bad reviews — no matter how stellar your guest experience. What you can control is how you respond. The majority of travelers — 87% — say an appropriate response to a bad review improves their impression of the hotel. On the flip-side, a...

8 Things That Affect Hotel Room Value

Kacey Bradley | September 6, 2019

By Kacey Bradley Your pricing strategy should be variable — something that can change and shift with time. You can't anticipate the market and the consumers within it with a rigid structure. To approach hotel room value, you need to consider a variety of factors, not just one. While some components are within your control, others are not. Discover eight things that affect hotel room value below. 1. The Economy It may seem like common sense, but the economy has a significant effect on hotel room prices. Over the last 20 years, the industry saw two major dips — one in 2001, following September 11, and a second in 2008 after the glob...

Everything You Need to Know About CRM Software in 2019

Kacey Bradley | September 5, 2019

By Kacey Bradley Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps brands more effectively connect with customers. You may not think it's necessary to use in the hotel and hospitality industry. But, it'll soon become clear that having CRM technology at your disposal can grow your brand and increase consumer satisfaction. What Can CRM Software Do for You? One misconception people often have about CRM software is that it's merely a customer database. CRM software has a component that keeps information on all your customers, but it does much more. For example, it can help you track which promotional materials you send to customers ...

Revamp Your Casino Revenue Strategy With These Trends

Kacey Bradley | July 31, 2019

By Kacey Bradley New trends are continually disrupting the hospitality industry. Casinos can revamp their current reach and revenue strategy by understanding these trends and what they mean for the future of gaming. 1. Young Marketing If you're only marketing to baby boomers, you're behind on the times. Even a millennial approach to advertising fails to look ahead. Generation Z — those born in the mid-1990s to early-2000s — are about to make a huge impact on the business world. By 2020, they will account for 40% of all consumers, and together, they have $4 billion to spend at their discretion. Social media, including the use of in...

How Hotels Can Exceed at Accommodating All Types of Guests

Kacey Bradley | July 24, 2019

By Kacey Bradley Half the fun of working in the hospitality industry is that you never know who's going to walk into your hotel. It's an especially exciting scenario when you've done all you can to ensure a stay at your accommodation will suit every single guest who visits. Of course, doing so many seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some simple ways you can go above and beyond for anyone who checks into your hotel: 1. Always Correct Errors With Haste First and foremost, you have to put the customer first. Imagine, for example, that they made a request in their booking that you forgot when finalizing the reservation. Your...

8 Must Follow Rules for Perfect Hotel Wifi

Kacey Bradley | July 18, 2019

For many hotel guests, Wi-Fi is a necessary amenity. It allows people to stay connected while traveling the globe with devices like smartphones, watches, tablets and laptops. A 2016 survey revealed 40 percent of people think Wi-Fi is more important than sex, chocolate and alcohol. And 72 percent of people have made a hotel reservation based on the wireless internet experience. If you want to be known as the hotel with perfect Wi-Fi — the one that brings all the tech-savvy travelers through the front doors — follow the eight golden rules below. 1. Consider Your Guests A quick, reliable Wi-Fi network is done wholly for the guest experie...

A Hotelier’s Guide to a Delectable Travel Trend

Kacey Bradley | July 17, 2019

By Kacey Bradley Food travel, also called gastro-tourism, is the pursuit of authentic culinary experiences across the globe. Everybody has to eat. But a gastro-tourist is looking for a unique adventure with local fare. Some popular food travel trends across the globe include: Farm-to-Table: directly sourced and locally grown food. Cooking Classes: an immerse, hands-on experience. Chef’s Table: a chance for guests to interact with the chef. According to research, 93 percent of travelers create fond, long-lasting memories based on experiences with an area’s distinct cuisine. Hotels can offer an immersive experience by pro...

7 Things Hoteliers Can Learn From Airbnb’s Guest Experience

Kacey Bradley | June 21, 2019

By Kacey Bradley Airbnb has become a popular site for travelers who want an authentic and memorable experience. The hotel alternative has become so popular that it has grown to more than 6 million properties across 191 countries in as little as 12 years. With no recognizable brand name or structured expectations, what is it that attracts guests to the site? From reviews and photos to enhanced personalization through data collection, Airbnb utilizes several tactics to attract potential guests and turn them into loyal bookers. Hoteliers can learn to enhance their own guest experience by learning a lesson from Airbnb's approach. 1. Offer ...

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