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Give Me Some Relief

John Hendrie | November 11, 2019

By John Hendrie We in hospitality have a critical directive – provide succor and comfort to an American guest landscape which is suffering. The marketplace is in arrears; it is tired, unappreciated, fractured and downright scared. The next twelve months will be instructive, no matter the political party. But, make no mistake, people are nervous and worn out already. What a great opportunity for hospitality professionals to show their stripes and dedication to the craft. Your guests seek diversion, care and consideration. You see them entering your establishment, whether hotel, restaurant or attraction/recreation. They are harried, smi...

Hospitality Is the Ultimate Cachet – Images Planted, Dreams Launched!

John Hendrie | October 8, 2018

By John Hendrie The marketplace is bustling with experiences for consumers to consider. It hurts your head! However, Colleagues, we've got it, and others want it. The term, hospitality, evokes certain emotions and expectations, and we are the practitioners who make it work. We fulfill the dreams and deliver the goods. Hospitality represents a most worthy cachet, and we cannot afford to lose that edge. Cachet, you say. What does that actually mean? By definition, a cachet is a sign showing something which is genuine, authentic or of superior quality – a mark of distinction and prestige. In this age of experience, that is exactly wh...

What a Golden Opportunity for Hospitality!

John Hendrie | May 18, 2018

By John Hendrie Hospitality Performance Who would have thought that the one top driver for jobs in a state was hospitality, with the classifications of lodging manager, concierge and housekeeper. As referenced, the state of Maryland has a 2017 job growth rate of 2.0% with 53,075 new jobs added last year. No doubt, the brunt of this reality is the full service sector, but, still, what a blessing and responsibility for hospitality in Maryland and other states. Manufacturing and related industry have moved and will never be as stout in our economy as before. H...

Are We Obsolete in Our Prime?

John R. Hendrie | April 10, 2018

By John Hendrie Mick Jaggar really was right over some fifty years ago, when he trebled, "I can't get no satisfaction". And, even the satisfaction he might have received, had little value. Many consumers are no better off now. The mediocrity anticipated with products and services has created a new depth of cynicism and distrust across retail establishments, and this includes Hospitality operations. To thrive and succeed we must better engage the guest, gain their loyalty and exceed their hopes. Our passion must be seen in a new context – the commitment to transcend expectations. In order to transform your business, a leap is requi...

For Successful Marketing, Content Is King

John R. Hendrie | March 12, 2018

by John R. Hendrie Go ahead, tell your story. That is really what your future guests want. Write it down. Cast that story line out, reel them in, land them and deliver on your promise. Ms. Bronyon White, a strategic consultant, had a wonderful take on this evolution with an article about how marketing efforts must use content to influence. Printed collaterals and material really are a waste of money if they are your major marketing focus. Everyone is Wired. We are smashed by those visceral visionary senses, knocked out; we become suspended in reality. You got our attention but missed the connection. A picture is fleeting; I see so many....

For Millennials, So Many Choices, Such Little Time.

John Hendrie | June 21, 2016

By John Hendrie Businesses are trying to understand the dining habits of that ever elusive demographic – Millennials. The challenges are shared within that loaded sector, Retail, where lodgings, dining, recreation and, of course, stores are trying to elbow their competition out of the running, much like Gordie Howe, the famous Red Wing hockey player. Try as they might to create a template of that Millennial group, there are simply too many aspects and avenues which scratch that group's itch. We do know they're connected and independent. They seek an experience in their many shades of delight (not easy to get your hands around). So...

Where are the Women?

John Hendrie | May 19, 2016

by John Hendrie We in Hospitality certainly have a glass ceiling, more like tungsten-formed heavy duty plastic – where one gets bounced rather than welcomed into the fold. Just look at those Hospitality services which relate career moves and openings. Women are mentioned in such "major" roles as Spa Manager, Sales and/or Marketing, Revenue Manager, or Human Resources executive – nice support positions rather than heady line assignments. These are all potential steps to the positions which really count in our world - Operations and General Manager postings. Shame on us, Hospitality. We can do better. If women can now be on th...

So You Think Customer Service Is Important?  Try This on for Size

John Hendrie | April 1, 2016

By John Hendrie Most senior managers would agree that Personnel Expense is one of their heaviest costs in the organization. Personnel Expense covers wages, benefits like insurance and time off (personal days, vacations, holidays, etc.). Often, to meet budget demands, you slash, cut and burn that particular line item. You reduce head- count, shrink shifts, renegotiate benefits. Yet, you still want to present to your customer/guest excellent service and product provided by an employee body which sadly is bitter, embattled and eviscerated. How is that strategy working for you? Social media simply will not let you off the hook, especially f...

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