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How Will the Hospitality Industry Benefit From the IoT

Ana Bera | May 9, 2019

By Ana Bera The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to be a gamechanger for those in the hospitality industry. Therefore, it is essential for managers, hotel owners, and other business leaders to try to make the most of it. However, according to research, 87% of people are not familiar with the concept of the Internet of Things let alone what this technology means for the hospitality industry. In this article, we have discussed this matter, and hopefully, you will learn more about the latest tech buzzword and how does it cater to client needs. What Is the Internet of Things? The term 'Internet of Things' refers to the idea of cre...

Study Shows Voice Technology Is the No. 1 AI Investment Choice Among Hoteliers in 2019

Volara | April 23, 2019

Volara's software turns consumer-grade voice assistants into hotel-grade business tools New York — April 23, 2019 — The 2019 Lodging Technology Study reports that 2019 is the year "hotels gear up for the age of augmented authenticity." With Gartner predicting that by 2020, 85% of relationships with businesses will not require human interaction, it's clear that hoteliers need to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) today if they are going to engage guests through the channels they're most comfortable using. Volara – the voice hub for the hotel industry – cautions that embracing AI ...

GuestTek Interactive Entertainment Increases Focus on Innovation

GuestTek | October 30, 2018

GuestTek Strengthens their Standing as Hospitality Technology Visionary For over twenty years, GuestTek Interactive Entertainment Ltd. has been a global leader in hospitality technology innovation. As hotels embrace the Internet of Things (IoT), and as more guests arrive with a variety of personal devices, the hotel technology environment grows increasingly complex. To help hoteliers meet these challenges, GuestTek is proud to announce that Peter Warrick will once again take over the research and development team at GuestTek. Over the past two years, Mr. Warrick has directed the advanced technology program for GuestTek, primarily focusi...

Angie Hospitality and INTEREL Collaborate to Drive Voice-based Guest Room Controls

Angie Hospitality | June 18, 2018

Dubai – June 18, 2018 – INTEREL, the award-winning provider of hospitality guest room management solutions, and Angie Hospitality, creator of award-winning Angie, the world's first cloud-powered, interactive guest room assistant created just for hotels, have partnered to enable guests to control temperature, lights, curtains, and more, conveniently through voice commands. The integration between INTEREL and Angie Hospitality allows hotels to offer guests an experience more similar to what they have come to expect at home. Angie's voice and touch controls combined with INTEREL's advanced guest room management and Internet of ...

Rev Up Productivity: The Rise of IoT & Voice

Paul Van Meerendonk | March 29, 2018

By Paul Van Meerendonk Who didn't love the '90s? We had pagers, Spice Girls, video rental stores and paid for our internet connection by the minute. Two decades ago, a household would temporarily sacrifice their only phone line just to connect one stationary device to the World Wide Web. Today, it's difficult to count the number of devices simultaneously connected to the internet in a single home. From TVs, thermostats, doorbells, cameras, lighting, voice-controlled assistants, tablets and mobile devices, a family of four could easily have upward of 20 connected "things"—hence we now have the Internet of Thin...

Where Is Hotel Technology Going?

HospitalityTechGuru | March 19, 2018

by Harvey Norman The majority of the hospitality technology that is getting developed and becoming available on the market is focused on several crucial things like simplifying processes, making everyday tasks easier and automated, integrating multiple products on a single platform as one single integrated platform, etc. Although a lot of people have their own opinions about hotel-related technology, the fact remains that new solutions can improve the business, improve management, increase productivity and revenues; and, well, this is what matters. One of the biggest reasons why people in the hospitality business aren't so open to new t...

INTEREL Appoints Alana Witte as VP Global Key Accounts

INTEREL | October 22, 2017

Dubai, October 2017: INTEREL, a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the hospitality industry, has appointed Alana Witte as the company's VP Global Key Accounts, responsible for leading INTEREL's strategic relationships with global hotel brands and driving large-scale projects. Prior to joining INTEREL, Alana led the global growth of Revinate, a SaaS start-up that built one of the hospitality industry's leading online reputation and guest satisfaction technologies, in the Middle East & Africa, where she launched Revinate's Dubai and Cape Town offices. Florian Gallini, Group CEO of INTEREL, said: "INTEREL's solu...

Move Over Information Age – This is the Age of Experience

April 25, 2017

By Jos Schaap, CEO, and Founder, StayNTouch To say that the information age is over is a bold statement, however, when one looks at all the dramatic changes taking place involving new technologies that will truly change our lives, it is true that this information time has passed and we are now in the Digital and Experiential Age. Looking back, the agricultural and industrial ages both ended and were replaced by the information age. They will always be present, we will continue to need agricultural, industry and information but we are now seeing a new phase. Thanks to mobile screens, virtual reality, wearables and the Internet of Things ...

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