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The EI Advantage: How Four Seasons Drives Innovation and Business Success Through the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts | August 13, 2019

TORONTO, Aug. 13, 2019 -- A global study by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (HBR-AS) and presented by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts calls for a corporate culture transformation driven by the power of emotional intelligence (EI). For many years, EI has been the cornerstone of empowered, engaged and energetic corporate cultures. Yet the study outlines a troubling trend: companies worldwide are underestimating the value of EI, and there is a growing disconnect between what executives are saying about the importance of company culture and what they are actually doing. Emotional intelligence is a combination of self-awareness, ...

Tourism Tidbits: Tourism and Human Resources

Dr. Peter Tarlow | July 2, 2019

By Dr. Peter Tarlow Many travelers, and most vacationers, see a tourism experience as a luxury or way to pamper oneself.  Often people will work an entire year for the sake of a few weeks of “vacation magic.” Without good employees, no matter how luxurious the circumstances are, the dream vacation has the potential to turn into a nightmare.  Tourism success, to a great extent then, depends on the quality of your business’ or tourism office’s human resources.  Tourism managers must find ways to inspire employees provide their guests with the best experience possible. Ironically, tourism experiences are rarely a question of money ...

Now in bookstores and Online! Hospitality Duo Carver and Weber: The People Effect

May 16, 2019

THE PEOPLE EFFECT: Find, Grow and Retain The Best of The Best ATLANTA, GA and MINNEAPOLIS, MN –May 15, 2019– Hospitality and Human Resources Guru's Joel Carver and Mary Weber have teamed up to produce the new book THE PEOPLE EFFECT: Find, Grow and Retain the Best of the Best. The two first crossed paths in 2008 when they both worked in senior leadership roles with a hospitality management and real estate company. Carver led the sales and marketing functions and Weber was the senior HR leader for the organization. The journey they went on - along with a team of great leaders - was first to keep the hotels profitable and staf...

Hospitality Duo Carver and Weber Release New Book: The People Effect

March 28, 2019

THE PEOPLE EFFECT: Find, Grow and Retain The Best of The Best ATLANTA, GA and MINNEAPOLIS, MN –March 28, 2019 – Hospitality and human resources gurus Joel Carver and Mary Weber have teamed up to write a new book, and launch a speakers series, THE PEOPLE EFFECT: Find, Grow and Retain the Best of the Best, a collaboration addressing human capital challenges they have both faced throughout their careers. The authors first crossed paths in 2008 when they both held senior leadership roles with a hospitality management and real estate company. The journey they went on was first to keep the hotels profitable and staffed during the...

Hyphen Joins Beekeeper Marketplace to Provide Advanced Survey Analytics

Hyphen | February 26, 2019

Hyphen enables executives, HR and hotel admins to create robust surveys with more question types, then target and analyze feedback based on profile field data from Beekeeper; Webinar introducing integration planned for March 26 Los Angeles, Feb. 26, 2019 — Because surveys are proving to be an essential component of employee engagement, Beekeeper has added Hyphen – a cutting-edge feedback solution for conducting employee surveys – to its off-the-shelf integration suite. With Hyphen, hoteliers and human resources teams can capture employee feedback and use the responses to analyze satisfaction and performance trends or ...

How Should I Compensate My Sales Manager?

Leora H Lanz | October 4, 2017

By Leora H Lanz and Eydie Shapiro This is a very common question, and yet one which typically has a complicated answer. But should it? It's unfortunate that many hotels boast about how much money was spent on artwork decorating their lobbies and yet compensation increases for the sales managers who book business to their rooms are embarrassingly low. Sadly, the cost of living, the price of gas, and other expenses have increased, while, generally, the rate of pay increase has either stayed stagnant or has not kept up. Recently, we've been approached by a handful of different hotel owners asking for guidance on how to compensate the sales...

Facing and Correcting the Human Resources Domino Effect

Thomas Mielke | March 3, 2016

By: Thomas Mielke and Andrew Hazelton AETHOS finds that poor support in one specific HR duty may start a negative domino effect Alignment has been a commonly spoken "business mantra" for years, although Human Resources professionals would agree that misalignment is a common issue that is neither comprehensively discussed nor addressed in today's workplaces. That performance gaps and lapses in resources exist is not debated. What's now needed to advance the conversation is evidence-based guidance on identifying and rectifying the catalysts of misalignment. AETHOS Consulting Group recently surveyed a highly targeted group of sixty-eight ...

The Indian Human Resources Storyboard – Then and Now

the Authors | March 31, 2014

By Natwar Nagar and Anupama Jaiswal This article provides an outline of the key HR trends which have been drivers of the hospitality sector in the last few years and will continue to play a dominant role going forward. The last decade witnessed some far-reaching and significant changes in the way business is conducted in the Indian Hospitality spectrum. Regardless of the recent year's contentious and challenging economic climate, the hospitality landscape continued to evolve, and new international hotel brands entered the Indian subcontinent. Needless to say, in its effort to stay one step ahead, the growing sector had to work twice as ...

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