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Opening a Hotel? An Asset Manager Can Help!

Saurabh Gupta | July 9, 2019

By Saurabh Gupta Hotel openings are an elaborate affair that seek focused inputs from the ownership at a pre-opening stage. While the hotel management company and operations team are largely responsible for the pre-opening preparation, the owner also has his/her tasks cut out. Here’s a look at the very basic set of expectations from an owner of a managed-hotel at this stage: Approve pre-opening budgets Approve annual business plans along with revenue and expense budgets Approve the recruitment of key personnel like the GM Approve capital expenditure and FF&E spends Objectively assess the readiness of the operations ...

The Art and Science of Hotel Brand Valuation

Hotelivate | February 15, 2019

Businesses are frequently valued using one or more established approaches across industries and sectors. Their replacement cost, income generation ability and/or comparable sales of similar businesses usually form the basis of such valuations. However, in most cases, a business value using the approaches mentioned herein is largely determined for tangible assets, as they have been regarded as the main source of value creation. In recent times, several companies have increasingly and justifiably so, embraced the idea that a business's value is not made up of its tangible assets alone. The importance of not just the brand, but also patent...

The Hotel Volatility Index 2018 – India

Hotelivate | October 16, 2018

The Hotel Volatility Index 2018 Last year, we launched The Hotel Volatility Index (HVI) that tracks the performance of 80 well-established, stabilised hotels – 60 urban and 20 leisure properties – across positioning that have been operational since 2011 or earlier in the country. Together, these 80 hotels represent nearly 17,000 rooms in 21 different cities in India. The HVI provides a reliable performance benchmark, as it enables a like-to-like comparison of the same base of stabilized hotels year-on-year, irrespective of the new supply coming in. An improvement or a decline in the performance of the HVI can thus, serve as ...

Make People Your Priority

Hotelivate | October 11, 2018

by Shruti Mathur This article explores two key dilemmas at the forefront of every organization committed to success, growth, and a dynamic and supportive work environment. Predictably, both of these are to do with finding and keeping the right people. The Recruitment Dilemma: Talent from Within or from Outside It is a well-known fact that thoughtful hiring is critically important for the wellbeing of an organization. Of the myriad factors considered before a final selection is made, the most controversial, perhaps, is to do with origin – should the employee be hired from within the company or from outside? Employers often resort t...

Has Incredible India Lost Its Incredible Hotels?

Hotelivate Private Limited | June 29, 2018

by Manav Thadani During the exclusive 'owners-only' meet at the recently concluded HICSA in Mumbai, there was an interesting discussion on the type of branded hotels entering the market today across positioning. Everyone agreed that too much of the same thing is being churned out and except for the logo and the hotel name, there is really very little of the ambience and décor that sets one mainstream brand's property apart from the other – which begs the question, does standardization need to be so obvious? While I am not here to promote any brand, most owners in the room agreed that what the Andaz has done both in Delhi an...

Evolution Of Asset Management In India’s Hotels

Hotelivate Private Limited | April 25, 2018

Not too long back, hotel ownership and hotel management in Asia were like Siamese twins – co-joined at birth, despite being distinctly different from each other. Four domestic chains largely dominated the hotel ownership landscape – IHCL (Taj), EIH (Oberoi) and ITC (ITC Hotels, WelcomHotel) and the government-owned ITDC (Ashok). Most of these started as a single hotel entity but thereafter grew organically and, in the fullness of time, some of these companies have been able to create enviable brands that have the strong recall at a global level. However, business was carried out via a rather linear equation wherein the ownin...

Indian Hotel Industry Survey 2016-2017

Hotelivate Private Limited | April 6, 2018

Compiled by Hotelivate in association with the Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI), the Indian Hotel Industry Survey 2016-17 is the twentieth edition of this publication since its inception. The Indian hotel industry has emerged as one of the key industries driving the growth of the services sector and, thereby, the Indian economy. The FHRAI Indian Hotel Survey 2016-2017 aims to provide the most comprehensive guide to All-India performance trends for this industry. Results of the Survey will empower industry stakeholders such as owners, investors, operators, business analysts and researchers with informati...

HICSA in a New Avatar; Presenting HICSA 2018: Hosted by Hotelivate

Hotelivate | February 19, 2018

Monday, February 19, 2018: Founded by the erstwhile team of HVS India, Hotelivate, a new-age hospitality consulting firm in the Asia Pacific region, is all set to host the 14th Edition of Hotel Investement Conference - South Asia (HICSA) at Grand Hyatt Mumbai on 4 and 5 April, 2018. A two-day event, HICSA is widely viewed by global industry leaders as the premier hospitality event in South Asia, valued for its networking opportunities and high-level contacts as much as for its content-rich sessions. Having rightfully created a niche for itself, HICSA brings together an impressive conglomeration of business leaders, think tanks and indus...

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