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Hotel Revenue Management Expert Launches Consulting Firm

May 28, 2019

San Francisco, CA – With hotels in the U.S. and globally preforming at record-breaking rates (STR, 2018), a new service is available to help underperforming properties get their part of the pie. Rob Sudakow, an expert in revenue management across the hotel spectrum, has launched RevUp Consulting to help distressed hotels build stronger bottom lines. RevUp offers a complete system, including revenue management, budget forecasting, competitor evaluation, e-commerce, and distribution. Clients can choose to have a virtual hotel revenue manager specifically for their property. With this service, clients receive hands-on support that is...

Perception Is Reality: Pricing Psychology for Hotel Revenue Managers

the Author | April 9, 2019

By Dan Skodol, Vice President of Revenue Analytics, The Rainmaker Group "All our knowledge has its origin in our perceptions." ~ Leonardo da Vinci Is a pair of $50,000 Sennheiser Orpheus headphones really fifty times better than a pair that costs $1,000? Expensive items and experiences are often branded as high quality, exclusive, or bespoke. But are they really better than their less-expensive counterparts? And what truly motivates people to pay more for something? In the hectic daily life of a hotel revenue strategist, coming up with optimal pricing presents the greatest challenge – a challenge that's typically handled through r...

Don’t Forget the Forgetting Curve! Using Neuroscience to Create Re-memorable Training for Revenue Managers (and others!)

the Authors | December 4, 2017

by W. Todd Maddox, Ph.D., David Hayes, Ph.D., Joshua Hayes, MA Hoteliers know the demand for well-trained revenue managers (RMs) has exploded in recent years. All hotels need a qualified individual whose responsibilities include addressing the property's unique approach to optimizing profitability by recognizing, forecasting, and shaping their customers' buying patterns. The best training programs for RMs address key content in the areas of customer psychology, accounting, sales, marketing, and rooms management, among others. And yet, every hotel GM could likely relate to the following "it really happened" case study; widely used today ...

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