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The Great Connector: The Hotel Mobile App

David Millili | February 21, 2019

By David Millili, CEO of Runtriz The era of engagement. The digital age. Social media revolution. A lot of terms describe the time we're living in, but what they all have in common is connection. The idea of creating connection goes far beyond the business side of our lives. We hear it everywhere that creating connections with friends, loved ones, and community will sustain us—and those around us. And though some will say technology gets in the way when we're glued to mobile phones, for instance, there's no doubt that technology has allowed us to scale up our connections, both professionally and personally, in never-before-seen wa...

Why You Should Mobile-Enable Your Hotel Staff

Hotelogix | April 23, 2018

The digital revolution is here. And, as a hotelier, you certainly cannot ignore the shift of guest preferences towards hotel mobile apps. Many studies indicate a sharp rise in the adoption of mobile technology in hotels. Mobility, powered by internet, has changed the game for the hotel industry when it comes to engaging with guests and serving them competently. This new technology in hotels is impacting guest expectations in many ways. Here are some of them - 83% guests require hotel service promotions on their mobile devices 70% of people who install mobile apps are reward members 73% people use mobile apps for hotel booking in jus...

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