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The Difference Between Loyalty Programs and Loyalty to a Brand

Alan Young | September 5, 2019

By Alan E. Young Loyalty is earned, and certainly not given, and there is a definite difference between loyalty programs and a guest’s loyalty to a brand. Hotel loyalty programs might seem ubiquitous today, but nearly 60% of guests still don’t belong to one. During the 2019 Skift Tech Forum, industry experts agreed that today’s travelers seek more than just opportunities to earn points – they want experiences. Mind you, that doesn't mean it's beyond reach. Hoteliers must work a little harder to understand precisely what factors drive guest loyalty in the modern age. Which brings us to the ultimate question — what makes guests l...

The Evolution Of Private Clubs

Chris Mumford | February 7, 2019

By Chris Mumford The desire to be with and around other people is an innate human characteristic. In evolutionary terms, humans quickly worked out that strength in numbers equalled survival, and this need to seek connections and to form bonds with others has remained within us over time, even as the threats to our existence have altered and diminished. The need to band together to fend off attack or to kill for food has been replaced by a want for social interaction and companionship. For most, school is the first place we begin to form relationships with like-minded fellow humans and where we form groups, teams, cliques and gangs. In 1...

RSS 2018: Revenue Strategy Begins With Strong Leadership

RSS | July 12, 2018

Industry Leaders and Disruptors Gather to Learn Latest in Innovation and Technology Washington, July 12, 2018 — The sixth annual Revenue Strategy Summit brought together technology innovators and hospitality industry leaders, including brand executives and asset managers, to examine the challenges hotels face in maintaining rate growth and managing a distribution landscape that gets more complicated by the day. The one-day conference, held at the Knight Conference Center at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., combined hotelier-led panel discussions with keynote presentations on voice-activated digital assistants like Amazon's Alexa, ...

Two Top Trends Transforming Hotel Loyalty

Brian Steele | March 19, 2018

By Brian Steele There's a new generation of travelers using points for much more than hotel stays. In order to keep their loyalty programs engaging, brands would be wise to take notice of two key movements affecting their consumers: liquid currency and generational shifts. Liquid Currency Liquid currency refers to the ability to spend loyalty points in a retail setting, as if it was actual money. This is a growing trend that can help hotel brands increase on-property spend outside of the portfolio. Some hotels may see value in having their points be totally liquid and spendable at any point of sale (La Quinta has already adopted this a...

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