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Online Travel Agencies Looking Elsewhere for Growth; Why Hotels Need to Embrace Innovation

David Ryan PR | October 30, 2018

Take note hotels and hoteliers – you need to start innovating to drive direct bookings. Online travel agents are active in their search for new revenue streams amid changing consumer trends, slowing levels of growth and the effect of the recent Package Travel Directive in the EU. Expect heightened M&A activity in the short term. Expedia confirmed phase 2 of their move into urban markets. TripAdvisor growth coming from non-hotel business and looking into offering not just hotels and flights but "a more holistic travel experience". You have to give credit for their proactive approach to diversification. Innovate or D...

The Innovative Hotels That Are Making Travel Better in 2019

Alan Young | October 18, 2018

By Alan Young Witnessing the gradual advancement and disruption of technology and services is an exciting, and sometimes industry-altering concept, as our world continues to evolve at a seemingly rapid pace to meet modern demands. Generations today know (and love) the likes of Netflix and Crave TV, for example, but many of us also remember the popularity of Blockbuster video — a formerly successful business model which now, doesn't even exist. And those of us who used to cling enthusiastically to our flip phones whilst playing 'Brick Breaker', likely upgraded to iPhones with their robust connectivity capabilities and e...

Hotels: Are you a Clunker or a Sports Car?

Stephan Wiesener | July 26, 2018

By Stephan Wiesener "The most successful technological innovation should feel so natural to the user that it's almost completely invisible. We only notice things when the user experience is awkward or clunky, or when it simply doesn't work." Otto Berkes, CTO CA Technologies This quote is more than two years old, and yet, the hospitality experience still feels clunky, both for hotel staff, as well as for guests. Just think of the check-in experience at most hotels: the front desk staff must ask the guest key details (name, etc.), look up the reservation, make sure the guest has the right room assignment and that the roo...

Renovate to Innovate

Georges Panayotis | January 16, 2018

By Georges Panayotis At the dawn of the French Revolution, Mirabeau told Louis XVI: "Sir, when we look at where the good heads led France, perhaps we might try the bad ones." Could there be any resemblance to what we are experiencing now? It is too late to rewrite history, but it is high time we learned from our mistakes. The first is not putting enough emphasis on productivity. The hotel industry is one of the few sectors where the value added per hour worked has not changed over the last two decades, while it has been soaring in other sectors, such as new technologies as well as in traditional industries. In this context, on...

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