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Arrivedo Launches Routes Feature to Allow Hotels to Give Guests a Better Customer Experience

Arrivedo | April 30, 2019

Arrivedo self-guided walking routes let hotel guests personalize their trip when exploring a destination based on the precise experiences that they're craving. Lima, Peru. May 1st - Arrivedo, a content platform that collects recommendations and things to do around hotels, announces the launch of a new Routes feature for Arrivedo Neighborhood Guides with the purpose of giving hotels the ability to provide a better guest experience as part of the hotel's website. Arrivedo aims to give hotels the ability to compete with Airbnb by providing guests with more curated experiences at one-fourth of the cost of traditional competitors. They do th...

For Successful Marketing, Content Is King

John R. Hendrie | March 12, 2018

by John R. Hendrie Go ahead, tell your story. That is really what your future guests want. Write it down. Cast that story line out, reel them in, land them and deliver on your promise. Ms. Bronyon White, a strategic consultant, had a wonderful take on this evolution with an article about how marketing efforts must use content to influence. Printed collaterals and material really are a waste of money if they are your major marketing focus. Everyone is Wired. We are smashed by those visceral visionary senses, knocked out; we become suspended in reality. You got our attention but missed the connection. A picture is fleeting; I see so many....

New Guide Outlines Strategies for Building Thought Leadership, Influence and Market Leadership

Puzzle Partner | January 25, 2018

Travel and Hospitality marketing agency Puzzle Partner shares content marketing tactics that drive trust, visibility and sales TORONTO, ON (January 25, 2018) – We have entered an age where leadership matters more than ever — thought leadership, to be exact. Building trust, credibility, awareness, and influence to increase profits is more than just a goal of most CEOs and executives. It's also the topic of a new guide from the leading travel and hospitality technology marketing agency, Puzzle Partner. The firm recently published "Thought Leader - Market Leader" developed to help brands become a sought-after source for informa...

Get out of Your Blog Fog – 5 Reasons You Should Be Blogging for Your Hotel Now

Cory Falter | September 28, 2016

By Cory Falter There's no doubt about it, in today's online-centric world if you aren't blogging then you're simply pouring revenue down the drain. Business blogging is essential, your business blog is a place to share insights, current events and general useful information. Invest in a content publication strategy starting with a blog, and reap the rewards. Search visibility, leads, sales and so much more will improve with a successful blog. To help drive home our point, here are our top 5 reasons why blogging is essential. REGULAR BLOGGING FOR HOTELS DELIVERS…. New Search Engine Ranking Heights How are you supposed to attract f...

From Looking to Booking – Digital Marketing Tips for Luxury Properties

Susan Tucker | September 18, 2016

By Susan Tucker By now you've probably heard it enough to know that in today's digital age every hotelier must have an online presence in order to effectively reach current and potential guests. Particularly unique and independent properties, which may not yet have the benefit of widespread brand recognition. Now that the public is exposed to more media than any time in history, the success of your luxury property will depend on the ability to really hone in on how to attract the right kind of guests. It's not about making your reach more expansive, it's about creating a digital action plan with a goal of precision targeting and engagin...

Is Your Hotel Marketing Strategy More Like Tinder or Match.Com?

Cory Falter | August 14, 2016

by Cory Falter The strategy for finding success in the hospitality industry and using online dating apps is strikingly similar (believe it or not). For example, when considering marketing strategies you want to attract, convert, delight, and ultimately have a customer forever, right? Well, the same can be said when you're looking for love – maybe not the forever part, but we'll get to that. Whether in business or love – it all boils down to what your goals are. Do you want someone who is going to go the distance with you? Or, simply a passing fling? We're thinking for business, you are looking for long term success. That's w...

9 Best Practices for Hotel Content Marketing Strategy

Shoofly Copywriting | July 23, 2015

Creating great content for your hotel and posting it to your social media pages doesn't necessarily mean that potential guests are engaging with it...or even seeing it. That's why it is so important to have a plan. Travel has almost limitless potential for content, but understanding how and where to share it is a huge factor in how successful it will be. Think of it like this: If your website is your hotel's front door, then your blog and social media channels are your lobby. It's that comfortable spot where stories are told, questions are answered, ideas are shared...and trust is built. So, how do you build that sense of comfort and tr...

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