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How to Play (and Win) the Long Game in Group Sales

Groups360 | September 24, 2018

Meeting planners don't want to work with a salesperson. They want a reliable, long-term partner in planning. Someone who can brainstorm ideas, come up with realistic solutions, and bring value to the table event after event. Delivering lasting value is vital to building this type of relationship. However, most group sales managers wait until they're actively wooing the client to be helpful - within their proposal, during the site inspection or at the negotiating table. Instead, offer value for the long haul, not for quick conversions. Begin right at the beginning of the sourcing journey, then continue long after the event is ove...

Stand Out When You and Your Comp Set Receive the Same Group RFP

Groups360 | July 11, 2017

Not all hotels are created equal. And, neither are customers. Today, most meeting planners aren't privy to hotel availability and pricing. So, they end up fanning their RFP across the country, hoping to find that perfect venue amongst hundreds (if not thousands) of options. This has been the norm for years. Our team has a collective decades of experience working for the country's largest convention hotels and resorts. And, in our experience, we know that meeting planners tend to send the same RFP to several hotels located in the same region. This means, if you receive an RFP, expect that all of your neighboring comp set has received it ...

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