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Understanding the Resistance to Change Within the Hospitality Industry

Sheetal Singh | April 4, 2019

By Sheetal Singh, Court Williams Frustrating, painful, draining, scary, exciting, unsettling, and exhausting are some of the words people, who are on the receiving side of change, use to describe their experience. It is a highly personal and emotional experience for most of us. Now imagine needing to serve guests cheerfully in a hospitality setting while you are experiencing these negative emotions. As a result, the toll change takes on hospitality professionals is greater than for most other industries. It is, therefore, critical that we understand the resistance to change as well as, have a plan to convert the "resistance" t...

The Origins of the Hospitality Industry and What Lies Ahead

Samuel Wich | August 20, 2018

By Samuel Wich Away from home, surrounded by strangers and yet you feel welcome. The original idea of hospitality has remained unchanged since the creation of the word itself. Derived from the Latin word "hospes", meaning both visitor and stranger, hospitality has its roots in ancient history. Thousands of years ago, when road networks were scarce and traveling was cumbersome strangers arriving in a foreign land had to rely on either their camping skills or a local's kindness when looking for shelter. During the age of pilgrimage and the development of major trade routes throughout Europe, it was mostly inns and taverns offering primiti...

Has Incredible India Lost Its Incredible Hotels?

Hotelivate Private Limited | June 29, 2018

by Manav Thadani During the exclusive 'owners-only' meet at the recently concluded HICSA in Mumbai, there was an interesting discussion on the type of branded hotels entering the market today across positioning. Everyone agreed that too much of the same thing is being churned out and except for the logo and the hotel name, there is really very little of the ambience and décor that sets one mainstream brand's property apart from the other – which begs the question, does standardization need to be so obvious? While I am not here to promote any brand, most owners in the room agreed that what the Andaz has done both in Delhi an...

Ten Reasons to Love the Hospitality Industry

Larry Mogelonsky | June 27, 2018

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( Have you ever sat back for a moment to reflect on the hotel business and what first drew you to it? With all its ups and downs, could you think of any other business you would rather be in? These are important questions to ask because nowadays it would seem as though our industry is collectively having a harder time engaging young students to pursue a career in hospitality. As someone who admittedly has never been at the helm of a property with the exception of short term MOD responsibilities, I feel as close as anyone can be to hotel management. Yet I recognize that it is not the s...

Expanding Your Career Options Beyond Hospitality

Alan Massarsky | March 21, 2018

by Alan Massarsky Many upper management hospitality professionals who have spent their working lives in the field arrive at a stage in their careers when they wonder about the next step. Increasingly, companies outside the hospitality industry are seeking candidates with hotel backgrounds to bring their skills to fields as diverse as healthcare, fitness, and luxury residential management. Moving beyond a hotel environment presents certain challenges, but opens up numerous opportunities for career growth and greater achievement. To offer advice for hospitality professionals considering making career transitions, I've gathered some valuab...

Hospitality Is and Will Remain a Heartfelt Industry

Georges Panayotis | November 14, 2017

by Georges Panayotis In Ancient Greece, intelligence, known as noús was originally the organ that was used to mobilize our capacity to escape from a dangerous situation by elaborating a strategy and plan of action. This is precisely what artificial intelligence will have to do to help us take on the massive changes that are currently underway in our society. Our accommodations are becoming more ecological, more economical, more entertaining, friendlier and more competitive. We are now faced with an infinite set of possibilities. The range of our products will be constantly redefined by the predictive model, which will enable us t...

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