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Women-Led Businesses: Getting the Female Founders’ Perspective

Dr. Nicole Rosenkranz and Dr. Sowon Kim | October 10, 2019

By Dr. Nicole Rosenkranz and Dr. Sowon Kim How does a woman do business in a male-dominated context? Three female CEOs share their perspectives on gender-bias for entrepreneurs and how to overcome it. June 14, 2019, the second Grève de la femme (women’s strike) in Swiss history took place after the first 28 years ago. Over half a million women took to the streets in protest of gender inequality. Unfortunately, the world today still shows a large gap in the appreciation of both genders in the business world and beyond. Currently, 35.3% of entrepreneurs are women (FSO, 2016) and 31% of SMEs are led by women (USAM, 2017) in Switzerland....

Gender Diversity – a True Value Added for Companies

Dr Jean-Philippe Weisskopf | September 11, 2018

By Dr Jean-Philippe Weisskopf According to a recent white paper by the Hospitality Industry Pipeline (HIP) Coalition the workforce in the tourism and hospitality industry is comprised of 70% women. This number is remarkable and inspiring for gender diversity and parity on the job market indicating that women are a force to be reckoned with in the industry. It, however, hides a less pleasant picture once analyzing the upper echelons of companies. The white paper further finds that in the same companies only 20% of executive officers and a staggeringly low 8% of directors are female. This is surprising, as a majority of studies find a pos...

U.S. Travel Trends Index: International Travel Post-Executive Order Stronger Than Expected

Chris Mumford | June 6, 2017

In first TTI to measure effects of executive order on immigration, visits to the U.S. grew in April WASHINGTON (June 6, 2017)—More international visitors came to the U.S. than expected in April 2017, according to the U.S. Travel Association's latest Travel Trends Index (TTI)—defying expectations of slowed growth or outright decline in reaction to President Trump's controversial executive orders on travel and immigration, first issued January 27. In fact, international travel grew by about four percent year-over-year in April. Because the average international visitor embarks on a trip to the U.S. 56.9 days after thei...

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