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At the Front Desk, Voice Inflection Can Change the Entire Meaning of What We Say

Cathy Cook | October 15, 2018

By Cathy Cook It has often been said that as much as 80% of communication takes place non-verbally. It is certainly true that facial expressions such as what we show with our eyebrows, our smiles (or lack thereof), and body language, which is what we show with our posture and gestures, all are essential for communicating. While communication is an important topic for all guest services departments, it is especially essential at the front desk because more often than not, they are the main point of contact for all guest requests. Although non-verbal communication is certainly essential, it is also important to focus on the subtleties of ...

Are Hotel Front Desks a Thing of the Past?

Dean Minett | September 10, 2018

By Dean Minett De-cluttering is a big business. Successful books like The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo demonstrate the world's appetite for simplified living, while consultants have popped up all over Australia to help the people get rid of what they don't need. Similar thinking has found its way into business and technology. The Economist ran a piece in 2014 called "De-Cluttering the Company" in which the costly entrapments of bureaucracy are discussed. Eliminating clutter is also a hallmark of commercial technology. Disk drives and cable ports on laptop computers are becoming extinct as data is transferred increasi...

Train Your Front Desk Colleagues to Be “Memory Makers”

Doug Kennedy | July 24, 2018

By Doug Kennedy The front desk colleagues at your hotel are creating first impressions that set the tone for the entire guest's stay every shift, every day. Whereas in the past, first impressions were made by a voice reservations agent or during a phone call to inquire about directions or hotel amenities, most guests find these needs met online. Therefore, the first human contact with your hotel is likely to be with the front desk colleague. Tech companies have for many years been trying to automate the guest arrival experience. First, front desk kiosks were placed in lobbies of some hotel brands, yet guests walked right by them even if...

Learn How to Upgrade Guest Satisfaction and Operational Excellence With ALICE at HITEC 2018

ALICE | June 18, 2018

ALICE, the hospitality industry's leading operations platform, will showcase its product portfolio of six hotel management and guest engagement products at this year's HITEC in Houston, June 18-22, at Booth 2319. Schedule an appointment with the ALICE team here. ALICE offers solutions for the hotelier that create a unified hospitality experience, helping hotels foster meaningful relationships with guests and connecting departments across the hotel. Hoteliers can bundle ALICE's suite of front of house tools for your Concierge, Front Desk and Guest Services teams, and back of house tools for Maintenance, Housekeeping, Front Desk, Security...

Trends in Reservations Inquiry Call Volumes: Is There More to the Numbers?

Doug Kennedy | December 6, 2017

By Doug Kennedy As a hotel reservations consultant and sales trainer, I'm often asked for my perspective on the current trends regarding the number of inquiry reservations call received vs. previous years. Many hotel marketers seem to think this is a simple question and I suppose that on one level it should be. It certainly is possible to just ask a large sample of hoteliers for their number of calls received YTD vs. previous YTD and then average the percentage of change either way. However, based on my experiences in consulting with a multitude of very different lodging operations throughout North America, I would say that such a simpl...

Use This Technology to Ensure a Seamless Post-Stay Guest Experience

ALICE | August 14, 2017

You're feeling rejuvenated on the tail end of a glorious island getaway, with the hotel quickly receding in your rearview mirror, when panic suddenly strikes. Shocked, you realize a pivotal personal item was left behind – your carry-on backpack – the one holding not only your half-devoured novel, but most importantly, your passport. With stress-induced clarity, you picture where it was left – in the hotel room wardrobe next to the safe. Speeding back to the hotel, you call to notify the staff of your urgent loss. When you arrive to the reception desk, not only is your bag missing, but it seems the multiple staff you as...

TSA Partners with Copthorne Hotel Dubai, to Increase Upsell Revenue by 400% in Less than a Year

TSA Solutions | March 15, 2016

TSA Solutions' Upsell Programs Support the Hotel with Dramatic Increases in Revenue, Guest Satisfaction, and Front Desk Upselling Efficiency DUBAI and NEW YORK — MARCH 15, 2016. Continuing its accelerated expansion worldwide, TSA Solutions has implemented its Front Desk Upselling program to support the 210-room Copthorne Hotel Dubai in enhancing upselling revenues, building RevPAR and promoting increased guest satisfaction. TSA now has close to 40 hotel partners in Dubai. In less than a year since implementing the program, the hotel saw monthly upsell revenue grow from 1% to 4% of total room revenue, an increase of 400%. The hote...

Your Front Desk Team Is Key to Meeting Your ADR Goals in 2016

Doug Kennedy | November 10, 2015

By Doug Kennedy November 10, 2015 If you are like most hoteliers, chances are that this time of year you have just about completed your budget for 2016. If your owner representatives are like most investors, chances are also that despite having experienced several years of record growth, they are looking for you to increase RevPAR once again in 2016. Most market areas have already experienced a leveling off in occupancy growth here in 2015 and if your area is forecasting a growth in demand next year you can count your blessings. However, for the majority of hotels, the only way to achieve a higher RevPAR next year is going to be to achi...

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