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You’ve Chosen to Self-Manage AV: Now What Happens If You Don’t Own ALL the Equipment Meeting Planners Are Asking For?

Eric Bracht | March 28, 2019

20 questions to ask when negotiating with an outside AV services provider – or there's AVaStar By Eric Bracht You've got a newly built or recently remodeled hotel, and you've made the decision to self-manage the AV services process. Bill, your hotel's banquet manager, was chosen to be responsible for the hotel's built-in and portable AV equipment. To help Bill, you've invested in AVaStar, a managed-services solution that provides step-by-step guidance to manage every aspect of the AV services process. Bill plans and details all meeting technology needs, including ensuring that portable and built in equipment is working and ready f...

Without a How-To Book for AV Services, Who is Training Hotel Staff on Sales, Set Up and Preventive Maintenance?

Eric Bracht | March 14, 2019

Providing outstanding technology services only starts with the equipment — it's people who make the meetings experience memorable; AVaStar provides courses and quick tips on basic AV and troubleshooting in a format that is easy for non-technical staff to understand and follow By Eric Bracht You've recently opened your hotel or refurbished some of your spaces and took all the necessary steps to ensure that the AV systems were installed properly and working efficiently. This is great news, but . . . who at the hotel will manage all this equipment? There are projectors, screens, flat panel displays, indoor/outdoor speakers, digital s...

There Is No How-To Book for AV Services, But There Is AVaStar

Eric Bracht | February 28, 2019

Your hotel's AV Operations Manual isn't missing – it doesn't exist. A new 'AV as a Service' platform makes managing all AV technology — built-in, portable, background music, digital signage and even outside service vendors — a breeze By Eric Bracht You're getting ready to open your hotel (or are just taking over at a property) and see that there are installed AV systems in your event spaces; there are projectors and screens and flat panel displays in various rooms and public areas. There are different sizes and types of speakers installed throughout the property, indoors and outside. There are control panels and conne...

How Hoteliers Can Be Responsible With the Owners’ AV Technology Investment

Eric Bracht | February 14, 2019

10 steps to maximizing ROI from an owners' investment in audio/visual equipment, sound systems and amplification, background music systems, lighting and dimming systems, digital signage and more By Eric Bracht It's been a decade since the hospitality industry emerged from the depths of the economic recession. It took some time, but today hoteliers are experiencing a strong U.S. economy coupled with one of the lowest unemployment rates in history. According to the Deloitte 2019 US Travel and Hospitality Outlook, "unprecedented growth, driven by a robust economy, rising global consumer purchasing power, and digital innovation, however, co...

Shedding ‘Light’ on Event/Meeting Space Site Inspections

Eric Bracht | December 15, 2015

Here's a 'bright' idea . . . before booking a space, make sure there are 'dim' lighting alternatives; Being able to control light levels is key to a successful event By Eric Bracht Conducting a site inspection can be a complex process for meeting and event planners. One of the key elements to consider that is often overlooked is the technical requirements (the physical environment) of the function itself. A recent article titled "'Sound' Advice for Event/Meeting Space Site Inspections" discussed the importance of sound and acoustics when selecting a meeting venue. Another important environmental factor in choosing a site is lighting. Do...

‘Sound’ Advice for Event/Meeting Space Site Inspections

Eric Bracht | November 24, 2015

Nothing says quality like a quiet event; What every facility manager needs to consider to ensure they are providing acoustically-sound event spaces before site inspections are performed By Eric Bracht Many things go into the selection of a venue for a meeting or event. One criteria that is often overlooked is the ability of a facility (hotel or independent conference center) to support the technical requirements of the function. To ensure that a venue will meet all event/meeting planner specifications during a site inspection, facility managers should first conduct an examination of their own to ensure that architectural and entertainm...

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