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environmental impacts

Effective Ways of Waste Management in the Hotel Industry and Its Importance

Erich Lawson | March 29, 2018

By Erich Lawson Hotels are chief consumers of resources, and they immensely contribute to the generation of waste. In the era of Green Economy and green strategies recycling would benefit not only the environment but also the industry. It is essential for a hotel industry to have an effective waste management system which focuses on reducing waste, reusing useful materials and recycling them. Commercial processes tend to generate a lot of waste and require regular maintenance and expensive waste disposal. Importance of Waste Management in Hotels Waste management in hotels is important as it is getting increasingly difficult to dispose o...

Hotels Check in to Greener Thinking

JLL Real Views | April 12, 2016

by Jim McClelland Enter a hotel room anywhere in the world and the chances are you'll find a polite-but-prescriptive card by the bed or bath, advising of the benefits of 'eco-friendly' behaviors such as living with linen longer and reusing towels. Commendable as it may be, however, this consumer-facing front really represents only the tip of the iceberg for environmental impacts in the hospitality industry where fast-growing equates to resource-hungry. The latest Lodging Industry Trends report describes the pace of hotel development as robust, with total property numbers in the U.S. alone hitting 53,432, and the room count hitting nearl...

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