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Hotel Industry Unites on New Campaign to Fight Human Trafficking

AHLA | June 26, 2019

AHLA President & CEO Chip Rogers is Joined by Dozens of Key Stakeholders and Industry Partners to Launch the No Room for Trafficking Campaign ‘No Room for Trafficking’ Aims to Train Every Employee in the Industry WASHINGTON (June 26, 2019) – The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) today launched a new national campaign to unite the industry around a single, comprehensive approach to fight human trafficking. The No Room for Trafficking campaign builds on the hotel industry’s long-standing legacy and commitment to combat human trafficking. Already each year, thousands of hotel employees are trained. With this campaign...

Three Reasons Why Training in Hospitality Matters

Jochen de Peuter | June 26, 2019

How two consecutive audits as "mystery shopper" for a hotel company unveiled striking differences in staff performance... and the need to focus on training. By Jochen de Peuter Recently I was assigned to perform quality audits “mystery shopping” for a hotel company. What struck me was how within one company, standards could be exactly similar, yet at the same time very different. If the similarities were mainly in the look and feel of the experience, the differences mainly came from how the staff performed at actually delivering that experience. The need for training in hospitality Research show numerous advantages to invest in ...

Limited and Select Service Hotels: 5 Ways Your Front Desk Staff Can Increase Direct Bookings and Cut Distribution Costs

Doug Kennedy | January 15, 2019

By Doug Kennedy Like all segments of the hotel industry, limited and select service hotels are seeing distribution costs eating away at top-line profits. Of course OTA's and other third parties are important to the channel mix. However, the colleague at your front desk right now can be your hotel's best resource for increasing the most profitable of all channels, which is of course your direct bookings. Not only do reservations that are made directly have the lowest acquisition costs, but they also tend to have a higher ADR. The following are some action steps and then five training tips for your segment of the lodging industry. Action ...

Continuing Professional Development for Housekeepers

Larry Mogelonsky | January 2, 2019

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. (www.hotelmogel.com) While new legislation is emerging from all corners of the world to better safeguard workers, and more specifically housekeepers, from harm and thereby generate new applicants for these roles. Two prominent examples are the widespread mandate for employee safety devices, often called the panic button, as well as the new musculoskeletal injury prevention regulations in California. I see these trends as part of a bigger issue, though. Namely, we aren't doing enough to make this particular line of work rewarding over a long stretch of time. Housekeeping can be grueling, monotonous and o...

Training, Maintaining & Elevating Top Hotel Revenue Management Talent

Paul Van Meerendonk | November 6, 2018

By Paul Van Meerendonk Remember that whiz kid in reservations? He had grown up with computers and seemed able to fly around the property management system with natural ease and skill. Sure, his job was just to answer calls and make reservations, but he had a knack for finding cool reports buried deep in the system. Not only that, but he had also somehow mastered Excel and was able to create dazzling charts that seemed to bring the numbers to life. We knew we had to nurture his raw talent, so we signed him up for some revenue management 101. He would become our savior, finally getting our pricing in shape and enhancing our top-line reven...


ProSolutions | October 26, 2018

By Jana Love As we wrap up the third step in the Sales Process Series, your number one goal in sales is to gain commitment from the customer. However, The Sales Board wrote a blog on the research they found stating that, "...salespeople need dramatic improvement in achieving Sales Objectives and Gaining Commitment at each milestone of the sale." Their statistics show that 62% of salespeople fail to ask for commitment. That is a lot of potential sales heading out your door. Gaining commitment is an important element of selling. It consists of closing (checking in) at each step and making conclusions about where your customer is...


ProSolutions | October 2, 2018

By Jana Love Are you ready to explore the next significant step of building a successful sales conversation? Knowing the steps to take to move the call along professionally will positively enhance sales closure. Remember you can't force a sale, you need to earn the sale. And to do that, some homework prior to the call is required. Let's get started. Prepare and Anticipate Your Customer ~ Some customers know exactly what they want, while others will come to you to be educated on what you have that will interest them. The key to successfully dealing with both of these customers is being present and knowledgeable. As a sales pers...

Ongoing Training Is the New Normal

Larry Mogelonsky | September 5, 2018

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. (www.hotelmogel.com) As hoteliers continue to search for operational efficiencies and new technologies that reveal actionable guest insights, there appears to be a substantial hidden expense that we aren't collectively working hard enough to mitigate. Training is an exhaustive pursuit, both in terms of time spent by supervisors and managers to onboard fresh employees as well as the interim knowledge gaps that may invite service errors. At the frontline and non-managerial levels, some hotels can have annual turnover rates so high that training becomes a perpetual obligation that detracts senior team memb...

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