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Why Green Workplace Design Creates a Feel-Good Factor

JLL Real Views | September 27, 2018

For environmentally minded companies, good interior design is an intrinsic part of a greener office. In the Los Angeles offices of Cuningham Group architecture firm, natural daylight streams in through four skylights and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, while discreet vents manage the flow of fresh air. Individual offices are set in upcycled shipping containers, with a central indoor garden that filters the air and enhances the space with morale-boosting greenery. "Sustainability in the office has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last five or ten years. Design measures that can enhance a firm's environmental credentials are coming to th...

Give Your Employees the Tools to Create Their Own Solutions

Ann Monroe | April 4, 2018

By Ann Monroe More and more hospitality organizations are discovering the power of giving line-of-business employees the tools to create their own solutions. By moving away from expensive, pre-packaged applications to customized solutions, traditional silos between IT and line-of-business are being broken down to great success. There's long been a growing awareness that there is life beyond spreadsheets and desktop-bound databases and that IT staff are not the only people who can build technology solutions. Now, hospitality organizations of all sizes are realizing how to harness this sentiment and put it into action. Overcoming Hurdles ...

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