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At the Front Desk, Voice Inflection Can Change the Entire Meaning of What We Say

Cathy Cook | October 15, 2018

By Cathy Cook It has often been said that as much as 80% of communication takes place non-verbally. It is certainly true that facial expressions such as what we show with our eyebrows, our smiles (or lack thereof), and body language, which is what we show with our posture and gestures, all are essential for communicating. While communication is an important topic for all guest services departments, it is especially essential at the front desk because more often than not, they are the main point of contact for all guest requests. Although non-verbal communication is certainly essential, it is also important to focus on the subtleties of ...

5 Essential Things to Know About Your Customers, and How You Can Use Them

Voyat | December 4, 2017

By Benjamin Habbel They're tech-savvy, experienced-focused and expect a certain level of personalization from booking to check-out. Here are five trends shaping customer thought patterns right now, and how your brand can harness them… 1. Customers are prioritizing new experiences over consistency "Access is becoming the new ownership… our bling isn't our house or our car, it is the theatre of Instagram and the experiences we are having in the world." So says Airbnb founder Brian Chesky, whose $30bn global rental giant is now offering a range of tours and learning experiences from truffle-hunting to pottery classes. Hotel ...

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