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Six Warning Signs Your Hotel Is Overdue for a Renovation

Cicero's Development Corporation | December 2, 2019

PLAINFIELD, IL, DECEMBER 2, 2019 -- Perhaps you've been there before: After checking into a hotel, you head to your room and open the door only to find yourself in a decor best described as Early American Garage Sale. Carpets are dirty and frayed. Wallpaper looks dingy. The bathroom has mold. You vow never to return. It can happen to the best hotel. Hotels that enjoy higher occupancy experience greater use of their guestrooms, translating into more wear and tear. The environment also plays a role. For instance, resorts near the beach will be adversely impacted by sand, saltwater, and the sea air that can destroy carpeting, rust metal fu...

Performance Measures Help Hotel Owners and Managers Select the Right Hotel Renovation Contractor

Cicero's Development Corporation | October 30, 2019

PLAINFIELD, IL, OCTOBER 30, 2019 -- When selecting renovation contractors, many hotel owners’ and property managers’ decisions are based solely on the bottomline. In short, the lowest price bidder wins. Other hotel owners and managers, however, carefully consider the intricacies of their project’s scope and can assess the confidence they have in their selected contractor that the renovation can be finished on-time and on-budget. What these hotel owners appreciate that others don’t are the many value-added, non-financial advantages that a talented contractor brings to the project. For the purposes of this article I will refer to thes...

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