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7 Tips For Partnering with Instagrammers

Chamberlin Public Relations | March 1, 2019

Partnerships with travel and lifestyle Instagram influencers can help hotels reach new audiences that traditional advertising and PR may not, and now that users can book hotel rooms through the Instagram app, skilled influencers are more valuable than ever for the hospitality and travel industry. Having worked with influencers on a daily basis for quite a few years, we've learned a lot and want to share our top tips on how hotels can maximize these partnerships. 1. Find the Right Influencers When considering an influencer, ask for a media kit with a demographic breakdown of followers to make sure he/she is a good fit for the property. M...

2019: The Year of Connectivity

Chamberlin Public Relations | January 10, 2019

If there's one buzzword for the hospitality industry this year, it's "connectivity." Hoteliers are helping travelers feel more connected than ever to their destination, from food and beverage programming to design to the brand itself. Here are three ways hoteliers can give their guests a truly special and authentic experience in the coming year, and beyond. Fresh & Beautiful F&B Hotel restaurant and bars have long since evolved from the bland watering holes of yore. Today, they are gathering spots for the whole community, where guests can meet one another and locals alike, forging new friendships and memories. Programming in t...

Is Automation the Wave of the Future for Hotels?

Chamberlin Public Relations | November 5, 2018

It wasn't so long ago that people would call a restaurant for a reservation, or go to the video store to see what tapes were available, or waited on the sidewalk for an empty taxi to drive by. Just as technology has made all of these practices obsolete, new technology is automating many of the processes that used to take up the valuable time of both hotel guests and team members. But while these new devices may be the wave of the future, hoteliers should think carefully before trying to cut down on costs by opting for automation. After all, technology is not only as good as the engineer who designs it, it's also only as useful as the pe...

Cannabis & The Hospitality Industry

Chamberlin Public Relations | October 1, 2018

As more states ease laws on cannabis usage, hotels are finding new ways to incorporate the drug into their product offering, either catering to new demographics or offering new services for those eager to try something different and exciting. According to a Gallup poll from late last year, more than 65 percent of Americans "support legalizing marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use." So far, 31 states across the country now permit marijuana use in some form, even though the drug is still classified as "schedule 1," meaning that it has a high potential for abuse. Even so, recreational use of cannabis is now legal in nine states...

Five Real Ways to Personalize the Guest Experience

Chamberlin Public Relations | July 2, 2018

In spite of the impressive growth of loyalty programs and the stacks of membership cards we all have in our wallets, travelers don't want to be just a number in a business' computer. Hotel guests want to be recognized as individuals with unique tastes when they check in, and throughout their stay. While it used to be hard to personalize the guest experience, the abundance of information that guests share both directly and indirectly with hotels has made it easier than ever to learn what a guest's preferences are, and to personalize their stay to their tastes. 1. Use the property management system and loyalty program to keep notes on wha...

Does Your Hotel Stand Out?

Chamberlin Public Relations | May 31, 2018

Brand standards can make a hotel seem…well, standard. And with so many hotels flooding the market, it can be hard for travelers to tell one apart from the next, making it even more challenging to establish customer loyalty. But by carefully targeting specific types of guests and incorporating clever design and programing, a few hotel brands are standing out from the pack. Business & Leisure To attract business travelers, IHG's Crowne Plaza brand has been updating its guestrooms and public spaces, adding touches that working professionals need. Hotels now have studio spaces off of the lobbies that guests and locals can rent by...

Hotels Create Sense of Place With Local Design

Chamberlin Public Relations | May 1, 2018

Travelers want a real sense of place when they stay in a hotel, and designers are doing their part to make sure guests feel completely immersed in a destination from the moment they arrive. Here are just a few notable hotels from historic to ultra-modern (and modern twists on historic properties) that are evoking destination in their design. Yotel The airline-inspired Yotel brand already has a solid presence in airports and in urban hubs alike. The New York property, opened in 2011, was designed in collaboration by Rockwell Group and Softroom, and blends the airport aesthetic with a distinctly Gotham vibe, starting with the façad...

Connecting Local Community to Your Hotel

Chamberlin Public Relations | April 3, 2018

Today's travelers aren't interested in cookie-cutter hotels. When they're on the road, they want to feel like they are truly in a destination. Whether or not a hotel must adhere to brand standards or a certain budget, there are plenty of ways to bring a bit of the community into the space. Here are a few examples of what different hotels, both branded and independent, have been doing to make sure guests get a true sense of place. The Living Stage Red Lion Hotels' upscale boutique brand Hotel RL has a dedicated platform for local artists. The "Living Stage" hosts a wide range of performances and interactive activities – from public...

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