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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Turnover at the Front Desk

Cathy Cook | February 11, 2019

By Cathy Cook With one of my main roles at KTN being to conduct front desk hospitality training worldwide, one issue that always seems to surface is turnover at the front desk. Turnover everywhere in the hotel staff is a major challenge in tight labor markets most hotels operate within, however it seems to especially be an issue at the front desk. Certainly, working at the front desk can be a stressful job as we are dealing with guests who are arriving after a long day of travel disruptions and frustrations and therefore prone to over-reaction to even the smallest challenges. Also, regardless of where any gap in service occurs during a ...

At the Front Desk, Voice Inflection Can Change the Entire Meaning of What We Say

Cathy Cook | October 15, 2018

By Cathy Cook It has often been said that as much as 80% of communication takes place non-verbally. It is certainly true that facial expressions such as what we show with our eyebrows, our smiles (or lack thereof), and body language, which is what we show with our posture and gestures, all are essential for communicating. While communication is an important topic for all guest services departments, it is especially essential at the front desk because more often than not, they are the main point of contact for all guest requests. Although non-verbal communication is certainly essential, it is also important to focus on the subtleties of ...

Hospitality Requires Stepping Into “Character” Like an Actor on a Stage

Cathy Cook | April 23, 2018

By Cathy Cook In the hotel industry we all know how important it is to deliver hospitality, which is the key to a positive guest stay. Otherwise we are simply in the "room rental business" and our guest rooms devolve into a commodity like a seat on an airplane. These days hospitality has become even more important, as the number of "touch points" in a guest's stay are reduced, as automation of the booking process increases and as the amount of pre-arrival information (directions, amenities, local area details) is included in an email confirmation. Put simply, we have fewer conversations than ever before. At the same time, those of us wh...

Why I STILL Pick up Trash in Hotel Lobbies

Cathy Cook | March 14, 2018

By Cathy Cook I have worked in the hotel industry for 35 years (27 of them at Marriott International) where my mentors indoctrinated me to the philosophy of taking ownership of the physical hotel product. It became intuitive to me to be keenly aware of the smallest details such as spotting the one burned out light bulb in the chandelier, a paperclip on the floor, or a gum wrapper in a potted plant. Most importantly, I was trained to spot and then clean-up litter in the lobby and public areas. Over the years I became famous at each of the Brand properties I worked at for going around and picking up the smallest scrap of paper or candy wr...

6 Presentation Tips for Leaders Who Fear Speaking at Meetings or Conferences

Cathy Cook | February 7, 2018

By Cathy Cook In my early years as a Front Office Manager I remember how confident I used to be at running a meeting while I sat down at the conference table with my staff all circled around me. I had my agendas all passed out as I led the discussion, ticking off the agenda items one by one with my staff actively participating throughout. My meetings went off without a hitch! BUT – if I had to stand up in front of my staff (that I was totally comfortable with daily) I would crumble! I would perspire, forget what I had to say, I couldn't focus, I certainly couldn't make any decisions. I was mush. And GOD FORBID if I had to do this ...

Attention Hotel Corporations, This Is How You Will Lose A 25+ Year Contributor (or any valuable employee)

Cathy Cook | January 11, 2018

by Cathy Cook I had the pleasure of working 27 years for not only the BEST hotel company in the industry but by the time I left the company it was indeed the largest in the world. I loved this company like a family because I always felt that I was treated like family. I was completely loyal to my fellow associates, customers, vendors, and partners. I worked in operations at 6 different properties, task forced at least 20 properties, and worked at our company's Headquarters office for 19 years. I survived three reorganizations while working at Headquarters, resulting in completely new reporting lines and departments. This meant that I ha...

Kennedy Training Network Appoints M. Cathy Cook as Executive Director of Training & Development

Kennedy Training Network | October 24, 2017

Prior to joining KTN, Ms. Cook served for 17 years as a Manager – Development, for the Learning & Development Division of Marriott International Davie, Florida – October 24, 2017 – Kennedy Training Network, Inc., a premier provider of hospitality sales & guest service training for clients throughout North America and Europe, announced the appointment of M. Cathy Cook as Director of Training & Development. Ms. Cook will oversee KTN's existing team of hospitality and sales trainers while also personally delivering KTN's extensive menu of workshop topics. Additionally, Ms. Cook will design new programs to expa...

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