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Industry Report: Innovation Strategy in Practice

Dr Carlos Martin-Rios | April 22, 2019

How do global hospitality businesses tackle innovation? The Hospitality Innovation Report analyzes how different innovation strategies contribute to generating competitive advantages for hospitality businesses. By Dr. Carlos Martin-Rios The Hospitality Innovation Industry Report, authored by EHL Associate Professor Dr. Carlos Martin-Rios, is based around a comprehensive model reviewing combinations of technological and non-technological innovations and analyzes how different innovation strategies contribute to generating competitive advantages for hospitality businesses. Dr. Rios has been tracking hospitality innovation for the past sev...

4 Reputation Management Challenges Every Hotel Manager Faces

Dr. Carlos Martin-Rios | May 29, 2018

By Dr. Carlos Martin-Rios Today, hotels are greatly dependent on a limited number of reservation platforms. A significant feature of these platforms is guest evaluations, which are transformed into ratings and rankings. Consumers pay growing attention to user-generated content and a hotel's position in comparison to competitors can have a significant impact on demand for bookings. As a consequence, reputation management is becoming increasingly crucial for hotel managers. But what exactly is the impact of guest evaluations on a hotel's performance? How do hotel managers cope with negative online reviews? And what are the main challenges...

Disruptive Innovation in Hospitality: Are We There Yet?

June 8, 2017

By Dr. Carlos Martin-Rios Society both likes and fears the concept of disruptive innovation. We like to experience new ways of traveling and creativity in cooking dishes; at the same time, we may be somewhat anxious or even afraid of getting into a self-driving car or eating something cooked by a robot chef. The term 'disruption' is widely used by the media to denote a form of breakthrough that takes place in rapidly-changing markets. It can mean different things to different people, along a continuum from incremental change to radical transformation. According to conventional wisdom, a provocative marketing campaign may be seen as 'dis...

Unlocking a Hotel Innovation Strategy

Carlos Martin-Rios | February 15, 2017

By Carlos Martin-Rios, Assistant Professor of Innovation and Human Resources at EHL and Sabina Savatin, Student at École Hôtelière de Lausanne It is human nature to always look for a better, more enhanced experience. Arguably, innovation is the key idea that is shaping corporate life, or even defining the actual corporate mission. Hospitality firms are not indifferent to the changes occurring at the level of their competitors, the fast-paced market, or emerging technology breakthroughs. Yet, as we have argued before in previous articles, the bulk of the hotel industry is somehow lagging behind. There is however a lea...

Innovation in Hospitality Management

Carlos Martin-Rios | January 18, 2016

By Carlos Martin-Rios Hotels face a life-threatening competitor that might forever change the industry landscape, at least the landscape as we know it today. Competition is coming from for-profit firms that generate the bulk of their revenues from exploiting the growing (and hence attractive) world of collaborative consumption: online, peer-to-peer marketplaces of bed-sharing. This business model jeopardizes the industry and millions of jobs. Online intermediary firms (such as Airbnb) are examples of disruptive innovations and, as such innovators, they might shape the present and the future of the industry. Disruptive innovation occurs ...

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