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How the New Airbnb Offerings Impact the Hotel Industry and What Hotels Brands Can Do to Win in the Sharing Economy

Kyle Killion | March 15, 2018

Boutique Hotels Beware: The Hotel Industry Gets a New Frenemy By Kyle Killion Longtime hotel industry rival, Airbnb, continues to make headlines with its latest offering. In an effort to own more vacation accommodation bookings, the company, which built its business on being the anti-hotel alternative, now offers more boutique hotel listings than ever before. But, even as Airbnb adds more hotels into the mix, hotel brands are not featured. Despite this, there is a lot that hotel brands can do to stay competitive in the sharing economy. Why are hotel brands letting Airbnb win? Hotels have experienced strong growth since 2008, but alterna...

What Spring Trends Do Hoteliers Need to Know to Maximize Their Bookings And Margins?

Judson Moore | April 6, 2017

Spring trends in hotel search By Judson Moore With trivago's 1.4 billion annual searches, we see many clear trends in user search behavior and preferences. From that data*, we ascertained some best practices for hoteliers to follow when marketing their properties and setting their price strategy. What follows are a few factoids and infographics as they relate to spring trends 2017. Download the full infographic as a single image here *data gathered from all searches in the USA between 01.19.2017 and 03.11.2017, for the period of 04.13.2017 and 04.17.2017. What are guests willing to pay per night? Guest preferences are as var...

How Hotels Can Use Urgency Like the OTAs to Drive Bookings

Tris Heaword | September 26, 2016

By Tris Heaword Many people have a natural tendency to procrastinate, choosing to put things off until the very last minute. But in the world of e-commerce, brands work tirelessly to convince customers that delaying a buying decision isn't a good thing. This is something commonly achieved by creating a sense of urgency. Studies conducted by internet-based research lab MarketingExperiments have found that urgency can have a huge influence on conversion rates. One of their tests resulted in a staggering 992% sales uplift. So why can urgency have such influence on buying behavior? Without it, customers know they can delay a purchase, confi...

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