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How Hospitality Brands Can Give Prospects What They Want and When

Lure Agency | January 2, 2018

As a hospitality brand, you may have noticed that in today's digital world, it's harder than ever to catch a prospect's attention. With information so easily available to anyone searching for it, you may be wondering how you can make your content stand apart. How can you give your prospects what they want and when? Well, we've got the answer. Content personalization. The Future Of B2B Content Marketing … Personalization! Personalized content is a relatively new method of digital marketing that has proven super effective, for not only grabbing your prospect's attention but also building a stronger bond. If you've ever used Amazon ...

Why Travel & Hospitality Brands Can’t Ignore the Power of LinkedIn Pulse for B2B Marketing

Alan E. Young | September 18, 2017

By Alan Young As a hotel or travel brand, if you're not focusing your attention on LinkedIn Pulse, you're missing out on a potentially huge opportunity and audience. In April 2017, LinkedIn reached an impressive milestone, as it confirmed over 500 million people use its professional social network. Yet the platform often doesn't enjoy the same level of affection nor respect as other, seemingly more trendy networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Today's consumers and executives, regardless of industry, are looking for transparency, not self-serving promotion. LinkedIn Pulse offers an incredible vehicle to meet this demand by pu...

What’s New in B2B Marketing?

Softscribe Inc. | September 7, 2016

Meet with us at Hotel Data Conference September 6 - 8 in Nashville, Tennessee The Micro + Visual Trend: All Grown Up NASHVILLE – September 7, 2016 – Technology companies that sell into the global hospitality market are asking, "What's new in business-to-business marketing?" The answer is, a maturing Micro + Visual trend that entertains and informs via newsletters, whitepapers, and short videos with pings of humor, says Julie Squires, CEO of Softscribe Inc., one of the industry's leading tech PR firms. Squires is attending the 8th annual Hotel Data Conference, September 6 to 8, 2016 at the Omni Nashville Hotel with a group o...

How to Prepare for Sales Success during Hospitality’s Golden Age

Softscribe Inc. | June 21, 2016

3-Step Process Can Increase Sales for Tech Vendors. New Orleans – June 21, 2016 – "Frankly, I think for the rest of our lives, all things being equal, are going to be fantastic in terms of what's going to happen in travel, tourism, and hospitality," Hilton Worldwide CEO Chris Nassetta told attendees at the 38th annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference. It is a golden opportunity for tech providers. What are you doing about it? Many hotel companies will acquire new systems to grow. These include business intelligence, mobile solutions, all-in-one Property Management Systems, wayfinding, energy manag...

How Hotel Technology Providers Can Increase Referrals from Social Media

Softscribe Inc. | December 16, 2015

#1 Action: Immediately Post Press Releases to Your Website for Instant Linking Bentonville, AR – December 16, 2015 – Softscribe Inc., an award winning technology public relations firm based in Bentonville, AR, shares 3-steps hotel technology providers can take to increase sales and qualified referrals from social media channels. "The digital nature of marketing today means small changes deliver big results for our best-in-class technology clients," said Julie Keyser-Squires, CEO of Softscribe Inc. "Fine-tuning the technical aspects and marketing processes behind a company's social media presence is essential. To increase sa...

Three Ways to Shorten Your B2B Company’s Sales Cycle

JLNPR Inc. | October 19, 2015

By Jennifer Nagy, President of JLNPR Inc. Every company's ultimate goal is financial success (a.k.a. profitability) but many find it difficult to maintain, especially when their business model is based on one-off purchases. Another difficulty in consistently achieving financial profitability is the length of a company's sales cycle. If a company has an average sales cycle that lasts months or even years, it can create long earning gaps in between clients. As such, a company with a shorter sales cycle is more likely to achieve financial success and be able to maintain it consistently over the long-term. So how can a B2B business shorten ...

The Importance of Brand Awareness for a B2B Company

Jennifer Nagy & JLNPR Inc. | August 25, 2015

By Jennifer Nagy Small businesses, especially those in the startup phase, spend a lot of time focusing on how they can boost sales. They have sales pitches drafted, teams hired to do the legwork and incentive structures established to incentivize their sales staff to do their best. But one important factor that has a huge impact on the success or failure of a sales pitch is often overlooked: brand awareness. Before I explain why brand awareness is one of – if not the most – important factors affecting the sales cycle, let's go back to the theory. The 5 Stages of the Customer Buying Cycle Customers, no matter whether they are purchas...

Seven Tips to Improve your B2B Marketing – Part Three

Jennifer Nagy & JLNPR Inc. | August 24, 2015

By Jennifer Nagy In the last few months, I wrote Part One and Two of a three-part series that outlines seven tips for B2B companies to increase the ROI on their marketing efforts, shorten the sales cycle and increase conversions. Part One of the series offered tips on how to use public relations, guest author opportunities and content marketing to promote your B2B company and Part Two covered another very important B2B marketing tactic: conferences and industry events. Today, in Part Three, we will be covering the final three tips on how B2B companies can improve their marketing efforts. Whitepapers A whitepaper is a more in-depth marke...

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